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Definition/Scope: Country located in the heart of south-central Asia. It has an area of some 251,825 square miles and is completely landlocked, the nearest coast lying along the Arabian Sea, about 300 miles to the south. Its longest border, of 1,125 miles, is with Pakistan, to the east and south.

Used For:

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Islamic State of Afghanistan



Broader Terms:

Central Asia
independent states (by name)

Narrower Terms:

Afghan National Police
Afghanistan Country Stability Picture
Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund
Ashogho, Afghanistan
Baghlan, Afghanistan
Bamian, Afghanistan
Charikar, Afghanistan
Gardez-Khost, Afghanistan
Ghazni, Afghanistan
Global War on Terrorism
Herat, Afghanistan
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Kabul International Airport
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kalata, Afghanistan
Kamu, Afghanistan
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Khowst, Afghanistan
Konduz, Afghanistan
Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan
National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Nato Training Mission - Afghanistan/Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan
Osama bin Laden
Paktia, Afghanistan
Phuli Astikam, Afghanistan
Provincial Reconstruction Teams
Serobi, Afghanistan
Shah-i-Kot Valley, Afghanistan
Spin Boldak, Afghanistan
Taloqan, Afghanistan
Tora Bora, Afghanistan
Yawkalang, Afghanistan

Related Terms:

Afghan armed forces
Bagram Airfield
Camp Phoenix
Combined Joint Task Force - 101
IMF members
Kabul International Airport
OIC members
Operation Enduring Freedom
UN members
UN Special Mission to Afghanistan

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