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Definition/Scope: See ATTp 5-0.1 for more detailed information. Army staff and managerial positions and organizations are grouped into like nomenclatures. S-1 and S-6 are the staff or office positions usually located at the Battalion and below commands. G-1 – G-8 are located at Brigade and higher positions. J-1 and J-9 are unique in that they are Joint positions that have all Department of Defense services in them. G-1 is that office that handles Army intelligence matters. Army G-1 is the Deputy Chief of Staff. The Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS) G-1 mission is to develop, manage and execute all manpower and personnel plans, programs and policies — across all Army Components — for the entire Army team. Their vision for the human resource enterprise is a team of HR professionals dedicated to supporting and empowering Soldiers, Civilians, Families and Veterans worldwide in an era of persistent conflict. An installation might have the following mission statement: serve as the personnel advisor to the CG, and other key leaders on all matters concerning personnel management. The G-1/HRD has the lead concerning all military personnel management issues and coordinates directly with the higher Headquarters Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Infrastructure, and Logistics and Human Resource Command regarding officer and enlisted distribution systems, policies, and procedures. The G-1/HRD coordinates with Major Subordinate Organizations, separate units, and the Garrison Adjutant General (AG) concerning personnel accountability and the processing of evaluations, awards, enlisted management and promotions, congressional actions, line of duty investigations, and casualty affairs. The G-1/HRD provides Personnel Service Support (PSS) to higher headquarters. The G-1/HRD coordinates PSS with the centers and schools. OLD VERSION Division-level or higher staff officer; Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel).

Broader Terms:

staff officer

Narrower Terms:

Continuation On Active Duty
Continuation On Active Reserve

Related Terms:

administrative officer
rear command post

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