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functional categories

Definition/Scope: The first category is the Maneuver, fires & effects (MF&E). This functional category gathers maneuver branches and FAs that have similar battlefield application or complementary roles. This grouping is comprised of the following functional groups, with the branches and FAs listed: 1. Maneuver: Armor (19), Infantry (11), and Aviation (15). 2. Fires. Field Artillery (13) and Air Defense Artillery (14). 3. Maneuver support. Engineer (21), Chemical (74), and Military police (31). 4. Special operations forces (SOF). Special Forces (18), Psychological Operations (37) and Civil Affairs (38). 5. Effects. Public Affairs (46) and Information Operations (30). The second category is Operations support. This functional category gathers two currently existing branches, Military Intelligence and Signal, with FAs that have similar battlefield applications or complementary roles. Also included in this functional category are the functions associated with force training, development, and education that design, build, and train the force. The category is comprised of the following: 1. Network & Space Operations. Signal Corps (25), Information Systems Management (53), Telecommunication Systems Engineer (24), and Space Operations (40). 2. Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) & Area Expertise. Military Intelligence (35), Strategic Intelligence (34), and Foreign Area Officer (FAO) (48). 3. Plans Development. Strategic Plans and Policy (59) and Nuclear and Counterproliferation (52). 4. Forces Development. Force Management (50) and Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA) (49). 5. Education and Training. Permanent Academy Professor (47) and Simulation Operations (57). The last functional category is Force sustainment. This functional category highlights the formation of a Logistics Corps (previously approved by the CSA and in development by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)). This category is comprised of all the following branches and FAs associated with logistics, resource, and Soldier support functions: 1. Integrated Logistics Corps. Transportation Corps (88), Ordnance (91), and Quartermaster (92), plus Multifunctional Logisticians (90). 2. Soldier support. Adjutant General Corps (42) and Human Resources (43/AOC 42H), and Finance Corps (44) and Comptroller (45). 3. Acquisition Corps (51). Remains as currently organized. 4. Special Branches. Chaplain, Judge Advocate General (JAG), and the six AMEDD Corps (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Nurse, Medical Specialist, and Medical Services).

Used For:

Army officer functional areas



Narrower Terms:

Army Acquisition Corps
Army Chaplain Corps
Army Judge Advocate General Corps
Army Medical Department
Army medical functional areas
Army officer functional areas
FA 11 (Infantry)
Field Artillery Officer Basic Course II
Functional Area 19 (Armor)
Functional Area 30 (Information Operations)
Space Operations Officer Qualification Course

Related Terms:

Functional Area 30 (Information Operations)

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