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Fort Gordon

Definition/Scope: Fort Gordon is home of the US Army Center and School, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center /Southeast Regional Medical Command, and a host of other commands and agencies from across the joint forces of the United States. Fort Gordon is located in Augusta, Georgia, in a region commonly referred to as the Central Savannah River Area. Fort Gordon is also the proponent for the LandWarNet e-University (access by AKO only). Some of the unit on post are the 15th Sig Bde which includes the 369th Sig Bn, 447th Sig Bn, 551st Sig Bn, and the 73rd Ord Bn. Other organizations include the Capabilities Integration Directorate / TRADOC Integration Office (CDID), Leader College of Information Technology and the Signal Regimental NCO Academy. Earlier in its history it was the Military Police school location, now located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Broader Terms:

Georgia (US)
personnel replacement center
TRADOC installations

Narrower Terms:

Capability Development & Integration Directorate

Related Terms:

513th Military Intelligence Brigade
93d Signal Brigade
Army School of Information Technology
Army Signal Center
Captain's Career Course Signal Corps
continental United States replacement center
CONUS replacement centers
Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Georgia (US)
Gordon Regional Security Operations Center
Military Police
NSGA Fort Gordon
Officer Basic Course Signal Corps
Ordnance Electronic Maintenance Training Department
signal intelligence
Southeast Regional Medical Command

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