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force projection

Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) The ability to project the military instrument of national power from the United States or another theater, in response to requirements for military operations. (FM 71-101) Force projection is the demonstrated ability to rapidly alert, mobilize, and deploy and operate anywhere in the world for war or operations other than war (OOTW). Force projection operations range from mobilization and deployment of forces, to redeployment and (in some cases) subsequent demobilization. OLD VERSION The movement of military forces from CONUS or a theater in response to requirements of war or operations other than war. Force projection operations extend from mobilization and deployment of forces, to redeployment to CONUS or home theater, to subsequent mobilization. Includes eight stages: mobilization; predeployment activity; deployment; entry operations; operations; war termination and post conflict operations; redeployment and reconstitution; and demobilization.

Broader Terms:

Army Southern European Task Force (Airborne)
force management
National Military Strategy

Narrower Terms:

Air Mobility Command
Army Battle Command System
Army Strategic Mobility Program
Near Term prepositioning Force
Net-Enabled Command Capability
split-based operation
Strategic Mobility Program

Related Terms:

Army modularity
Army Prepositioned Stock
entry operations
military operation
national power
post conflict operations
war termination

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