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Fire Support Coordinator

Definition/Scope: The FSCOORD, who is usually also the commander, is responsible for providing the leadership that ensures that the fire support system is sustained and can support the battle. He identifies sustainment requirements associated with fire support elements and takes necessary actions to ensure that they are satisfied. He plans and monitors logistics readiness and training within the command and ensures that subordinate leaders understand and use external logistics resources to the best effect. The FSCOORD ensures that coordination is made with supporting sustainment elements outside the command. The external sustainment system is dedicated to enabling fire support elements to accomplish their missions. Sustainment of the fire support system during AirLand Battle operations includes three fundamental imperatives. JP 3-09.3

Used For:

Fires WFF



Broader Terms:

fire mission
fire support coordination
fire support plan
Fires WFF
mission analysis

Narrower Terms:

observed fire

Related Terms:

Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Air Officer/ Air Liaison Officer
Air Officer/Air Liaison Officer
Close Air Support
danger close
division artillery
engagement method
Fire Support Officer
Firepower Control Team
Naval Surface Fire Support
Target Acquisition Battery
target acquisition detachment

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