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Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

Definition/Scope: The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) is a network of computer workstations that process and exchange information from the forward observer to the fire support element for all fire support assets (field artillery, mortars, naval gunfire, attack helicopters, and close air support). Features include the automatic processing of fire requests, generation of multiple tactical fire solutions for missions, monitoring of mission execution, and support for the creation and distribution of fire plans. AFATDS contributes to the Joint Vision 2010 concept of precision engagement by providing responsive fire support command and control to tie together high fidelity target acquisition, prioritized target requirements, and joint forces within the battlespace. AFATDS is one of the five battlefield functional areas comprising the Army Tactical Command and Control System, and will be acquired by the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Used For:

Field Artillery Tactical Data System



Broader Terms:

Army Battle Command System
Army Battle Command Systems Support Team
Army digitization
Battlefield Fire Support
Captain’s Career Course Field Artillery
defense command and control systems
division artillery
Integrated Battle Command Systems
Naval Surface Fire Support
net-centric battle command
Project Manager Battle Command

Narrower Terms:

detect, decide, deliver, assess
fire mission
fire support
indirect fire support

Related Terms:

AFATDS Command and Staff Course
Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
forward observer
Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver
target acquisition detachment

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