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Every Soldier a Sensor

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-21.75) The ’Every Soldier is a Sensor’ (ES2) concept ensures that Soldiers are trained to actively observe for details for the commander's critical information requirement (CCIR) while in an AO. It also ensures they can provide concise, accurate reports. Leaders will know how to collect, process, and disseminate information in their unit to generate timely intelligence. They should establish a regular feedback and assessment mechanism for improvement in implementing ES2. Every Soldier develops a special level of exposure to events occurring in the AO and can collect information by observing and interacting with the environment. Intelligence collection and development is everyone's responsibility. Leaders and Soldiers should fight for knowledge in order to gain and maintain greater situational understanding.



Broader Terms:

Command and Control
Commander's Critical Information Requirements
computer-assisted instruction
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
situational awareness
specific information requirements

Narrower Terms:

human intelligence

Related Terms:

Intelligence Community
significant activities
specific information requirements

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