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Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

Definition/Scope: The purpose of Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTD) is to have the user gain an understanding of and evaluate the military utility of a system before committing to acqusition, to develop corresponding concepts of operation and doctrine that make the best use of the new capability, and to provide residual operational capabilities to the forces.



Broader Terms:

concept exploration programs
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified

Narrower Terms:

Active Denial System
Adaptive Joint C41 Node
Area Cruise Missile Defense
Coalition Combat Identification
Coalition Information Assurance Common Operational Picture
Content Based Information Security
Joint Area Clearance
Joint Distance Support and Response
Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System
Joint Theater Logistics
Joint Unmanned Systems C2
Multi-sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition
Personnel Recovery, Extraction and Survivability
Theater Effects Based Operations

Related Terms:

Advanced Concept Manager
Advanced Joint Planning
Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination
final operational capability
Force Medical Protection
Global Hawk
Homeland Security C2
initial operational capability
Integrated Collection Management
Joint Countermine
Joint Logistics (ACTD)
Joint Modular Lighterage System
Multi-Link Antenna System
Semi-automated Imagery Processing
Synthetic Theater of War
technology transfer
Theater Air Missile Defense
Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program

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