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electronic warfare

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-13.1) The focus of Army electronic warfare (EW) operations is based on the need to synchronize lethal and nonlethal attacks against adversary targets in support of operational and tactical ground, air, and space operations. Army EW disrupts, delays, diverts, and denies the adversary’s ability to wage war while protecting friendly use of communications and noncommunications systems. The perspective of Army forces is directly associated with the combined arms structure of adversary forces and the manner in which both friendly and adversary combatants conduct combat operations. The high mobility of opposing combat forces and the speed, range, precision accuracy, and lethality of their weapons systems place stringent demands on the command and control (C2) systems of both friendly and adversary ground force commanders. Synchronization is achieved by integrating EW into both the information operations (IO) plan and fire support operations in support of the ground scheme of maneuver, using centralized control and decentralized execution functions performed by parallel communications systems and procedures at all echelons. Organic (air and ground-based) EW resources available to support Army operations are limited, but improving. Mission requirements usually exceed operational and tactical capability. Cross-Service EW support, synchronized with Army combat operations, is essential to the success of joint military operations. Joint planning and continuous, effective coordination are critical to synchronizing joint EW capabilities and generating joint combat power at the critical time and place in battle. The Army provides and requires cross-Service EW support when and where needed to achieve the combat objectives and operational goals of the joint force commander (JFC). OLD VERSION: Military actions including: electronic attack, electronic protection, electronic warfare support.

Used For:

EC (electronic combat)
electronic combat



Broader Terms:

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
Capability Development & Integration Directorate
Functional Area 30 (Information Operations)
Information Assurance Directorate
intelligence and electronic warfare
Rapid Equiping Force
Signals Intelligence Directorate

Narrower Terms:

all-source production section
electronic countermeasures
electronic protection
electronic warfare effectiveness assessment
electronic warfare support
intelligence and electronic warfare support element
Multi-Function Radio Frequency System
radio interception
radio-controlled IED electronic warfare
Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
TRADOC Capability Manager Computer Network Operations Electronic Warfare
TRADOC Capability Manager Electronic Warfare Integration

Related Terms:

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Aerial Common Sensor
asymmetric threat
Developmental Test Command
EA-6B Prowler
electromagnetic capability
electromagnetic interference
electromagnetic jamming
Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures
electronic warfare strategy
Functional Area 30 (Information Operations)
Guardrail Common Sensor
Link 16
Prophet System
radio electronic combat
Rapid Equiping Force
Suppression of Enemy Air Defense

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