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Captain’s Career Course Adjutant General

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The Adjutant General Captain's Career Course is to prepare human resources (HR) professionals in the Adjutant General's Corps to perform duties at tactical and operational levels that include serving as HR staff officers (S1) at Battalion and Brigade levels, or as HR planners, integrators, and coordinators at Division and Corps levels. Additionally, the course will prepare officers to serve in theater HR structures planning, coordinating and executing postal, R5 and casualty operations or as company commanders in TDA organizations. The primary emphasis of training is on providing tactical and operational level HR training to AOC 42B officers at the company grade level. This course prepares officers to develop, interpret, plan, integrate, coordinate, and implement the Army's HR programs and policies for the military and civilian work force at the Battalion and Brigade levels. The training focuses on HR core competencies, to include: R5 operations; unit level casualty operations and systems; personnel readiness management (PRM); unit readiness; personnel accounting and strength reporting; postal operations; essential personnel services; unit level HR and commanders' programs; HR information management systems; human resources management operational planning; and joint doctrine overview and personnel services. Additionally, training focuses on developing advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities, managerial techniques, and character attributes required in a good leader. Officers generally attend the CCC at their 4th YOS that currently corresponds with promotion to captain. CCC will be TDY and return, TCS, or PCS as determined by the needs of the Army, unit force stabilization or life cycle stabilization and follow-on assignment. Officers can expect operating and generating force assignments and become fully developed HR captains after the following: Possess bachelor's degree, Complete CCC, Serve a minimum of 24 months in at least one HR technical/operational assignment, Band officers must complete a minimum of 24 months in any 42C position.



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