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EC-130H Compass Call

Definition/Scope: The EC-130H Compass Call is an airborne tactical weapon system using a heavily modified version of the C-130 Hercules airframe. The system disrupts enemy command and control communications and limits adversary coordination essential for enemy force management. The Compass Call system employs the offensive counterinformation and electronic attack or EA capabilities in support of U.S. and Coalition tactical air, surface, and special operations forces. Programmed upgrades will expand its mission by procuring a secondary EA capability against early warning and acquisition radars.

Used For:

EC-130H Compass Call/Rivet Fire
Rivet Fire aircraft
surveillance aircraft by name

Broader Terms:

Air Force aircraft
EC-130 electronic support aircraft

Narrower Terms:

Link 16
very high frequency
very high frequency (secure)
VHF (secure)

Related Terms:

C-130 Hercules
EC-130E Commando Solo
EC-130E Senior Scout
Rivet Fire

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