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EA-6B Prowler

Definition/Scope: The Prowler is a long-range, all-weather aircraft with advanced electronic countermeasures capability. It is a twin-engine, mid-wing configured aircraft that has a side by-side cockpit arrangement. The EA-6B war fighting systems includes the ALQ-99 on board receiver, the ALQ-99 pod mounted jamming system, the USQ-113 communications jamming system and the HARM missile. Two significant upgrades now in development are the Improved Capability (ICAP III) and the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS). The ICAP III, approved for Low Rate Initial Production in June 2003, upgrades the on board receiving system, providing an accurate threat emitter geo-locator and a selective reactive jamming capability against modern threat systems. The ICAP III upgrade includes new cockpit displays, improved systems connectivity, and improved system reliability. The MIDS upgrade provides the ability to receive and utilize data via the Link 16 tactical data link. (FM 3-36) The EA-6B Prowler is a subsonic, all-weather, carrier-capable aircraft. The crew consists of one pilot and three electronic countermeasure officers. The EA-6B has two primary missions. One is collecting and processing designated threat signals of interest for jamming and subsequent processing, analysis, and intelligence reporting. The other is employing the AGM-88 high-speed antiradiation missile against designated targets. The EA-6B?s AN/ALQ-99 tactical jamming system incorporates receivers for the reception of emitted signals and external jamming pods for the transmission of energy to jam targeted radars (principally those associated with enemy air defense radars and associated command and control). In addition to the AN/ALQ-99, the EA-6B also employs the USQ-113 communications jammer to collect, record, and disrupt threat communications.

Used For:

electronic jamming
surveillance aircraft by name

Broader Terms:

attack aircraft
EC-130 electronic support aircraft
naval aircraft

Narrower Terms:

very high frequency
very high frequency (secure)
VHF (secure)

Related Terms:

A-6 Intruder
Aerial Common Sensor
EA-6A Intruder
electronic warfare
Guardrail Common Sensor
Prophet System

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