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Definition/Scope: A production variant of the E-8 aircraft, a modified 707-320 commercial airliner which carries the airborne elements of the US Air Force and US Army Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). JSTARS is designed to locate and track ground targets in all weather conditions. JSTARS can look more than 150 miles to detect ground movement. JSTARS can estimate vehicle movement as wheeled vs. tracked and can sense rotators, but the aircraft has no onboard ID capability. Data link-reported data are typically displayed on CGS, Joint Services Workstation (JSWS), GCCS and Link 16.

Used For:

surveillance aircraft by name

Broader Terms:

Air Force aircraft
E-8 aircraft

Narrower Terms:

very high frequency
very high frequency (secure)
VHF (secure)

Related Terms:

Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
Link 16

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