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Definition/Scope: (FM 1-02) 1. A tactical unit/formation as follows: a. A major administrative and tactical unit/formation which combines in itself the necessary arms and services required for sustained combat, larger than a regiment/brigade and smaller than a corps. b. A number of naval vessels of similar type grouped together for operational and administrative command, or a tactical unit of a naval aircraft squadron, consisting of two or more sections. c. An air division is an air combat organization normally consisting of two or more wings with appropriate service units. The combat wings of an air division will normally contain similar type units. 2. An organizational part of a headquarters that handles military matters of a particular nature, such as personnel, intelligence, plans, and training, or supply and evacuation. 3. A number of personnel of a ship's complement grouped together for tactical and administrative control. (Army) The largest fixed organization in the Army that trains and fights as a tactical team and is organized with varying numbers and types of combat, combat support, and combat service support units. A division has 10,000 to 16,000 and can perform major tactical operations, sustained battles and engagements. Divisions are numbered (e.g. 1st Armored Division, 82nd Airborne Division) and are categorized by one of five types: Light Infantry, mechanized infantry, Armor, Airborne or Air Assault. The Division is commanded by a Major General (O-8) who is assisted by two principal Brigadier Generals (O-7) who performs duties as Assistant Division Commanders – one for maneuver and one for Support. The Command Sergeant Major (E-9) is the principal non-commissioned officer assistant. Divisions are comprised of three tactical maneuver (Infantry and/or Armor) brigades and a Division base of combat support and combat service support elements. OLD VERSION A tactical unit at a command level below a corps and above a brigade.



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Narrower Terms:

air mobility division
airborne division
Armored Division
Army divisions (active)
Army divisions (inactive)
Cavalry Division
division support command
Infantry Division
Marine Corps Division

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