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Developmental Test Command

Definition/Scope: (ATEC.ARMY.MIL) The U.S. Army Developmental Test Command (DTC) plans, conducts, and integrates developmental testing, independent operational testing, independent evaluations, assessments, and experiments in order to provide essential information to decision makers. ATEC was renamed from the Operational Test and Evaluation Command on 18 November 1998 by the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army. Central to the consolidation was ATEC assuming overall responsibility for all Army developmental and operational testing. The Test and Evaluation command (TECOM) became a major subordinate command of ATEC and was redesignated the U.S. Army Developmental Test Command (DTC), with DTC headquarters remaining at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Also, the Test and Experimentation Command (TEXCOM) was redesignated the U.S. Army Operational Test Command (OTC), with OTC headquarters remaining at Fort Hood, Texas. The third ATEC subordinate command that was redesignated encompassed both the Operational Evaluation Command and the Evaluation Analysis Center, which were combined to form the new U.S. Army Evaluation Center (AEC), completing the earlier decision to move developmental and operational evaluation into a single, integrated command. Under the consolidation, ATEC also received responsibility for installation management of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico; Dugway Proving Ground, Utah; and Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. On October 1, 2002, the respective Installation Management Activity regional office assumed that responsibility. ATEC also took command of Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Redstone Test Center (RTC) at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama; Electronic Proving Ground (EPG), Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC), at Fort Wainwright, Alaska; and the Tropic Regions Test Center (TRTC), headquartered at Yuma Proving Ground with testing in Hawaii and other locations.

Used For:

Test and Evaluation Command (TECOM)



Broader Terms:

Aberdeen Proving Ground
Fort Greely
Fort Hood
Fort Huachuca
Fort Wainwright
Redstone Arsenal
US Army Test and Evaluation Command

Narrower Terms:

Aberdeen Test Center
Army Evaluation Center
Cold Regions Test Center
Dugway Proving Ground
Electronic Proving Ground
Operational Test Command
Redstone Technical Test Center
Tropic Regions Test Center
White Sands Missile Range
YPG Cold Regions Test Center
YPG Tropic Regions Center
YPG Yuma Test Center
Yuma Proving Ground

Related Terms:

Active Protection System
Army Evaluation Center
electronic warfare

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