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detect, decide, deliver, assess

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-09.12) The decide, detect, deliver, and access (D3A) methodology efficiently manages the employment of lethal munitions and administers the planning and execution of nonlethal initiatives and activities. Targeting is a combination of intelligence functions, planning, battle command, weaponeering, operational execution and combat assessment (CA). The D3A methodology facilitates the attack of the right target at the right time with the most appropriate asset. Integral to this process is target tracking. Tracking is essential to the detect and deliver functions. Tracking also impacts the ability to assess a target and implement subsequent reattack decisions. Targeting is a continuous process that maintains pace with the dynamics of an ever-changing battlefield situation. In addition to the enemy situation, the inputs that drive this process come from higher headquarters' plans and orders. Specifically, they are the mission, intent, and specified/implied tasks. Targeting is the part of the military decision making process used to focus warfighting functions (old version: battlefield operating systems) to achieve the commanders intent. The functions associated with this methodology help the commander decide what to attack, how to acquire those targets, and when those targets are acquired, how to attack them in a way that disrupts, delays or limits the enemy's ability to achieve his objectives. Simply stated, targeting is the process of selecting targets and matching the appropriate response to them, taking account of operational requirements and capabilities.

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Broader Terms:

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
military decision making
Military DecisionMaking Process

Narrower Terms:

course of action
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Related Terms:

High-Payoff Target
joint fires and effects cells
mission analysis

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