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detainee holding area

Definition/Scope: (JP3-63) A DHA will normally be located in a secure location that provides safety and is easily accessible for receipt and evacuation of detainees. Until such status is officially determined, IAW DOD policy, all detainees will be accorded EPW treatment at all times and locations. The DHA should be located in a secure area with easy access to transportation nodes, but must be protected from the effects of the battlefield to the extent feasible based on the mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available-time available (METT-T). Additionally, civilians may have to be considered based on the operational area. To the extent possible, accommodation must be made for female and child detainees. Unless militarily unfeasible, female detainees must be searched by female service members and must be segregated from male detainees. If possible, increased numbers of HUMINT collectors should be available for exploitation activities at the DHA. It is also a joint holding area that lies between a BIF and a TIF in US Army terminology.



Broader Terms:

Detainee Operations
detainment facilities
Joint Prosecution and Exploitation Center
Multinational Force - Iraq
Prisoner Of War

Related Terms:

Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
Brigade Internment Facilities
detention operations
Initial Point Of Capture
Regional Holding Facility, USMC
theater internment facilities

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