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U (uranium) - uranium
U.S.C . - US Code
U/L - uplinks
U2 - Dragon Lady (U2)
UA - Unit of Action
UA - uniform allowance
UA HMMWV M1116 - M1116 Up-Armored HMMWV
UA M1114 - M1114 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
UA/FCS Directorate - Unit of Action/Future Combat System Directorate
UAE - United Arab Emirates
UAH - up-armored HMMWV
UAMBL - Unit of Action Maneuver Battle Lab
UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System
UASTB - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training Battalion
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAVB - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battle Lab
UBL - unit basic load
UCAV - unmanned combat aerial vehicles
UCC - Unified combatant command
UCD - Umatilla Chemical Depot
UCLL - USEUCOM Center for Lessons Learned
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCP - Unified Command Plan
UCP - universal camouflage pattern
UCT - underwater construction teams
UDC - Universal Decimal Classification
UDHR - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UDITDS - USAREUR Defense Intelligence Threat Data System
UERP - unserviceable equipment rally points
UFD - universal firing devices
UFL - Ulchi Focus Lens
UFMCS - University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies
UFO - unidentified flying objects
UFO - Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on
UFR - unfunded requirements
UG - Uganda
UGA - Uganda
UGS - Unattended Ground Sensor
UGS - unmanned ground sensor
UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicle
UH - utility helicopter
UHF - ultrahigh frequency
UIC - unit identification codes
UJTL - Universal Joint Task List
UK (Army) - United Kingdom
UK RAF - United Kingdom Royal Air Force
UKAR - United Kingdom Army
ULCANS - ultra lightweight camouflage net system
ULLS - Unit Level Logistics System
ULLS-A - Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation
ULLS-G - Unit Level Logistics System-Ground
ULLS-S4 - Unit Level Logistics System-S4
UMCOR - United Methodist Committee on Relief
UMCP - unit maintenance collection points
UMS - Unit Manning System
UMT - unit ministry teams
UN - United Nations
UN-DMT - UN disaster management teams
UNAAF - Unified Action Armed Forces
UNAMA - UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
UNAMIC - UN Advance Mission in Cambodia
UNAMIR - UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda
UNAMIS - UN Assistance Mission in Sudan
UNAMSIL - UN Mission in Sierra Leone
UNASOG - UN Aouzou Strip Observer Group
UNAVEM I - UN Angola Verification Mission
UNAVEM II - UN Angola Verification Mission
UNAVEM III - UN Angola Verification Mission
UNC - United Nations Command
UNCC - UN Compensation Commission
UNCIVPOL - UN civilian police
UNCRO - UN Confidence Restoration Operation
UNDHA - UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs
UNDOF - UN Disengagement Observer Force
UNDP - United Nations Development Program
UNESCO - UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNFICYP - UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus
UNGA - UN General Assembly
UNHCR - United Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
UNIFIL - UN Interim Force in Lebanon
UNIIMOG - UN Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group
UNIKOM - UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission
UNITAF - unified task forces
UNMEE - UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
UNMIBH - UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
UNMIH - UN Mission in Haiti
UNMIK - UN Mission in Kosovo
UNMO - UN military observers
UNMOGIP - UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan
UNMOP - UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka
UNMOT - UN Mission of Observers in Tajikistan
UNMOVIC - UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission
UNOA - UN Office in Angola
UNOB - UN Office in Burundi
UNOGBIS - UN Peace-building Support Office in Guinea-Bissau
UNOL - UN Peace-building Support Office in Liberia
UNOMIG - UN Observer Mission in Georgia
UNOMIL - UN Observer Mission in Liberia
UNOMUR - UN Observer Mission Uganda-Rwanda

Showing main entries 1 through 352 of 352.


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