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T&EO - training and evaluation outlines
T-AKR 300 - USNS Bob Hope
T-AKR 301 - USNS Fisher
T-AKR 302 - USNS Seay
T-AKR 303 - USNS Mendonca
T-AKR 305 - USNS Brittin
T-ASA - Television-Audio Support Activity
TA - Territorial Army
TA - training assistors
Ta (tantalum) - tantalum
TAA - tactical assembly areas
TAA - tactical assembly area
TAACOM - theater army area commands
TAADS - The Army Authorization Document System
TAAMCOORD - Theater Army Air and Missile Defense Coordinator
TAAPS - TRADOC Advance Acquisition Planning System
TAB - Target Acquisition Battery
TAB - technical advisory boards
TAC - TRADOC Acquisition Center
TAC CP - tactical command post
TACC - tactical air command center
TACC - Tanker Airlift Control Center
TACC - naval tactical air control center
TACOM LCMC - Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command
TACON - tactical control
TACP - tactical air control party
TACS - Theater Air Control System
TACS - Air Force Theater Air Control System
TACSAT - tactical satellite
TACSIM - Tactical Simulator
TACTOM - Tactical Tomahawk
TAD - target acquisition detachment
TADIL - tactical digital information links
TADIXS - tactical data information exchange system
TADLP - The Army Distance Learning Program
TADS - Target Acquisition Designation Sight
TAF - tactical air forces
TAG - Army Adjutant General
TAGS - Theater Air-Ground System
TAI - target area of interest
TAIS - Tactical Airspace Integration System
TAK - Teyrebazen Azadiya Kurdistan
TALO - theater liaison airlift officer
TALO - tactical air liaison officer
TAM - Training Assessment Module
TAMC - Tripler Army Medical Center
TAMD - Theater Air Missile Defense
TAMMIS - Theater Army Medical Management Information System
TAMPS - Tactical Automated Mission Planning System
TAO - Temporary Area of Operations
TAO - Temporary Area of Responsibility
TAOR - tactical areas of responsibility
TAP - terrain analysis products
TAP - toxicological agent protective items
TAPES - total army performance evaluation system
TAR - tactical air reconnaissance
TARDEC - U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center
TARP - Threat Awareness and Reporting Program
TAS - terrain analysis systems
TASM - AGM-109A Tomahawk antiship missile
TASM - BGM-109B Tomahawk antiship missile
TASO - terminal area security officer
TASS - The Army School System
TASSD - The Army School System Directorate
TAT - Training Advisory Team
TATS - Total Army Training System
TAV - Army Total Asset Visibility
TAWP - Tactical Air Working Party
TB - technical bulletins
Tb (terbium) - terbium
TBD - To Be Determined
TBI - traumatic brain injuries
TBM - Tactical Ballistic Missile
TBMCS - Theater Battle Management Core System
TBMD - Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMD - theater missile defense
TC - tank commanders
Tc (technetium) - technetium
TCAAP - Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant
TCAE - technical control and analysis element
TCAF - Tactical Conflict Assessment Framework
TCATA - TRADOC Combined Arms Test Activity
TCC - Transportation Component Command
TCC - TRADOC Culture Center
TCCC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care
TCD - Chad
TCF - tactical combat forces
TCF - Technical Control Facility
TCICA - Theater Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
TCM - TRADOC Capability Manager
TCM CEW - TRADOC Capability Manager Computer Network Operations Electronic Warfare
TCM Virtual - TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual
TCM-BC - TRADOC Capability Manager Battle Command
TCM-CEW - TRADOC Capability Manager Computer Network Operations Electronic Warfare
TCM-EWI - TRADOC Capability Manager Electronic Warfare Integration
TCM-MS - TRADOC Capability Manager-Maneuver Support
TCMD - transportation documents
TCO - Termination Contracting Officer
TCP - transmission control protocol
TCP - TRADOC Campaign Plan

Showing main entries 1 through 361 of 361.


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