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S&P - stake and platform
S&R - stabilization and reconstruction
S&T - Science and Technology Directorate
S&T BN - supply and transportation battalions
S&TI - scientific and technical intelligence
SA - Seaman Apprentice
SA - Security Assistance
SA - Secretary of the Army
SA - arsine
SA - situational awareness
SA (Army) - Saudi Arabia
SAAFR - Standard-use Army Aircraft Flight Route
SAAG - Army Auditor General
SAAS - School of Advanced Airpower Studies
SAAS - Soldier as a System
SAAS-ASP - Standard Army Ammunition System-Ammunition Supply Point
SAAS-DAO - Standard Army Ammunition System-Division Ammunition Office
SAAS-MMC - Standard Army Ammunition System-Materiel Management Center
SAAS-MOD - Standard Army Ammunition System-Modular
SAB - separate armored brigades
SACC - Strategic and Advanced Computing Center
SACEUR - Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACLANT - Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
SACLOS - semiautomatic command to line-of-sight
SACT - Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
SADARM - sense and destroy armor
SADL - Situation Awareness Data Link
SADL - School of Advanced distributed Learning
SAF - semi-automated forces
SAF - small arms fire
SAFIRE - surface-to-air fire
SAGE - semiautomatic ground environment
SAGR - Stand Alone Air GPS Receiver
SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation
SAIG - Secretary of the Army inspector general
SAILS - Standard Army Intermediate-Level Supply System
SAIP - Semi-automated Imagery Processing
SALT I (arms control) - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks I
SALT II (arms control) - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks II
SAM - Surface-to-Air Missile
SAM - Soldier Assignment Module
SAMS - School for Advanced Military Studies
SAMS - School of Advanced Military Studies
SAMS-REHOST - Standard Army Maintenance System-REHOST
SAN - storage area network
SANDF - South African National Defense Force
SAO - security assistance organizations
SAPI - small arms protective inserts
SAPS - South African Police Service
SAR - search and rescue
SAR - synthetic aperture radar
SARA - Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act, 1986
SARP - Somalia Aircraft Restoration Program
SARSS - Standard Army Retail Supply System
SAS - synthetic aperture sonar
SASC - Small Arms Support Center
SASO - stability and support operations
SASP - special ammunition supply points
SAT - systems approach to training
SAT - Simplified Acquisition Threshold
SATCOM - satellite communication
SATFA - Security Assistance Training Field Activity
SATMO - Security Assistance Training Management Organization
SATS - Standard Army Training System
SAU - Saudi Arabia
SAW - School of Advanced Warfighting
SAW - Senior Army workforce
SAWS - M249 squad automatic weapon
SB - sustainment brigades
SB - Space Battle Lab
Sb (antimony) - antimony
SBA - Small Business Administration
SBA - simulation based acquisition
SBA IG - Small Business Administration Inspector General
SBCCOM - Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command
SBCT - Stryker Brigade Combat Team
SBF - support by fire
SBIED - suicide-borne improvised explosive device
SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research
SBIR - space-based infrared systems
SBKEW - space-based kinetic energy weapon
SBL - space-based laser
SBLM - Sustaining Base Leadership and Management course
SBNPBW - space-based neutral particle beam weapon
SBP - Uniformed Services Survivor Benefit Plan
SBP (survivor benefits plan) - survivor benefits
SC - strategic communication
SC - South Carolina
SC - Seychelles
Sc (scandium) - scandium
SCA - Service Contract Act
SCAAP - Scranton Army Ammunition Plant
SCALP - contamination avoidance and liquid protective suits
SCATMINE - scatterable mines
SCBA - self-contained breathing apparatus
SCI - sensitive compartmented information
SCI - spinal cord injury
SCIF - sensitive compartmented information facilities
SCIRI - Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq

Showing main entries 1 through 560 of 560.


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