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M - mechanized
M&DC2 - Multicell and Dismounted Command and Control
M&RA - Manpower and Reserve Affairs (USMC)
M&S - modeling and simulation
M-ATV - MRAP All Terrain Vehicle
M12A1 PDDA - M12A1 Power-Driven Decontamination Apparatus
M136 - M136 AT4
M141 BDM - M141 Bunker Defeat Munition
M141 Bunker Defeat Munition - Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon - Disposable
M18 - hand grenade M18
M47 - hand grenade M47
M47 - M47 Dragon
M67 - hand grenade M67
M7 - hand grenade ABC-M7A2/A3
M72 LAW - M72 Light Antitank Weapon
M72 Light Antitank Weapon - light assault weapon
M8 - M8 detection paper
M8 - M8 detector paper
M8 - hand grenade AN-M8
M83 - hand grenade M83
MA - Morocco
MA - mortuary affairs
MA - Massachusetts
MAA - mission area analysis
MAAG - military assistance advisory groups
MAAP - master air attack plans
MAAP - Master Air Attack Planning
MAC - Mortuary Affairs Center
MAC - Macau
MAC - Military Airlift Command
MAC - mission assurance categories
MAC courses - Mortuary Affairs Center courses
MAC I - Mission Assurance Category I
MAC II - Mission Assurance Category II
MAC III - Mission Assurance Category III
MACA - military assistance to civil authorities
MACCS - Marine Air Command and Control System
MacDill AFB - MacDill Air Force Base
MACDIS - military assistance for civil disturbances
MACG - Marine Air Control Group
MACH - Martin Army Community Hospital
MACH - McDonald Army Community Hospital
MACOM - major Army commands
MACP - mortuary affairs collection points
MACS - Marine air control squadrons
MACV - Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction
MAG - Marine Aircraft Groups
MAG - Military Assistance Group
MAG - Marine Aircraft Group
MAGR - Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver
MAGTF - Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MAHC - Munson Army Health Center
maint - maintenance (materiel)
MAJ - Major
MAJCOM - major Air Force commands
MAJIIC - Multi-sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition
MALS - Marine air logistics squadrons
MAMC - Madigan Army Medical Center
MANPAD - man-portable air defense system
MANSCEN - Army Maneuver Support Center
MANSCEN NCOA/DSS - MANSCEN NCO Academy and Drill Sergeant School
MANSEN - Maneuver Support Center
MANSPT - Maneuver support operation
MAPEX - map exercises
MAR - Morocco
MAR DIV - Marine Corps Division
MAR DIV - Marine Division
MARAD - Maritime Administration
MARADMIN - Marine administrative messages
MARC - manpower allocation requirements criteria
MARC - machine-readable cataloging records
MARCENT - Marine Corps Component, Central Command
MARCORSYSCOM - Marine Corps Systems Command
MARDEZPAC - Commander, Maritime Defense Zone Pacific
MARFOR - Marine forces
MARFORCOM - United States Marine Corps Forces Command
MARFOREUR - Marine Corps Forces Europe
MARFORLANT - Marine Forces Atlantic
MarForPac - US Marine Forces Pacific
MARLO - Marine liaison officer
MARS - Army Military Affiliated Radio System
MARS - mission awareness rating scale
MAS - Military Agency for Standardization
MAS - Muqtada al-Sadr
MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence
MASS (air support) - Marine air support squadrons
MASSTER - Mobile Army Sensor Systems Test Evaluation and Review
MaSTT - Maritime Strategic Transition Team (Iraq)
MAT - ministerial advisor teams
MAT - mobilization assistance training
MATC - Mobilization Army Training Center
MAV - Micro Air Vehicle
MAV - medium armored vehicles
MAWS - AN/ALQ-156 missile approach warning system
MB - Muslim Brotherhood
MBA - main battle areas
MBC - Maritime Battle Center
MBCOTM - Mounted Battle Command on the Move
MBITR - multiband inter/intra team radio

Showing main entries 1 through 563 of 563.


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