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J-2X - joint CI/HUMINT support elements
J-STARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JA - Japan
JAAR - Joint After Action Report
JAARS - Joint After Action Reporting System
JAAT - joint air attack team
JAAT - joint analysis and assessment teams
JAC - Joint Analysis Center
JAC - Joint Area Clearance
JAC - Job Assistance Center
JACADS - Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System
JACI - Joint and Combined Integration
JADOCS - Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
JAEC - Joint Assessment and Enabling Capability
JAED - Joint and Army Experimentation Directorate
JAF - Jordanian Armed Forces
JAG Corps - Army Judge Advocate General Corps
JAGIC - Joint Air Ground Integration Cell
JALLC - Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre
JAM - Jaysh al-Mahdi
JAM - Jamaica
JANIS - Joint Army Navy Intelligence Studies
JAOC - Joint Air Operations Center
JAS - jump aid stations
JASC - Joint Action Steering Committee
JASDF - Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
JASSM - joint air-to-surface standoff missile
JAST - Joint Advanced Strike Technology
JBC - Joint Base Charleston
JBC - Joint Battle Center
JBFSA - Joint Blue Force Situtation Awareness
JBMC2 - Joint Battle Management Command and Control
JBS - Joint Broadcast Service
JC2WC - Joint Command and Control Warfare Center
JC2WTA - Joint C2 for War on Terror Activities
JCAN - Joint Capability for Airborne Networking
JCAS - Joint Close Air Support
JCATS - Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation
JCC - Joint Coordination Center
JCCD - Joint Combat Capability Developer
JCCP - joint casualty collection points
JCEOI - joint communication and electronic operations instruction
JCET - Joint Combined Exchange Training
JCF AWE - Joint Contingency Force Advanced Warfighting Experiment
JCIDS - Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System
JCIET - Joint Combat Identification Evaluation Team
JCISFA - Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance
JCLL - Joint Center for Lessons Learned
JCM - Joint Conflict Model
JCM - Joint Countermine
JCMEB - Joint Civil-Military Engineering Board
JCMEC - joint captured materiel exploitation centers
JCOA - Joint Center for Operational Analysis
JCPE - joint collective protection equipment
JCREW QRT - Joint Counter Remote Control Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare
JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCS - Joint Command South
JCS - Joint Communications System
JCSAR - joint combat search and rescue
JCSC - Joint Command Southcent
JCSE - Joint Command Southeast
JCSE - Joint Communications Support Element
JCSW - Joint Command Southwest
JDAM - joint direct attack munition
JDEC - joint document exploitation centers
JDICE - Joint Data Link Information for Combat Execution
JDIG - Joint Drug Intelligence Group
JDISS - joint deployable intelligence support systems
JDPC - Joint Doctrine Planning Conference
JDS - joint deployment systems
JDSR - Joint Distance Support and Response
JECP - joint expeditionary collective protection
JEDD - Joint Education and Doctrine Division
JEFX - Joint Expeditionary Experiment
JEL - Joint Electronic Library
JELC - Joint Exercise Life Cycle
JEM - Jaish-e-Mohammed
JEMP - Joint Exercise Management Package
JERRV - Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle
JETCD - Joint Experimentation, Transformation and Concepts Division
JETDS - Joint Electronics Type Designation System
JFACC - Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFC - Joint Forces Commander
JFCOM - US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified
JFEC - joint fires and effects cells
JFFC - joint force fires coordination
JFHQ CASMR - Joint Force Headquarters, California State Military Reserve
JFHQ-HHD - Joint Force Headquarters Sacramento
JFIC - Joint Forces Intelligence Command
JFIIT - Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team
JFIIT - Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team
JFL - Joint Futures Laboratory
JFLCC - joint force land component commander
JFMCC - joint force maritime component commander
JFMIP - Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
JFO - Joint Fires Observer
JFOB - Joint Forward Operations Base Force Protection
JFSC - Joint Forces Staff College
JFSOCC - joint force special operations component commander
JGSDF - Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force

Showing main entries 1 through 304 of 304.


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