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F (flourine) - flourine
F-15 - F-15 Strike Eagle
F-16 - F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-18 - F/A-18 Hornet
F-22 - F-22A Raptor
F3EA - find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze
F3EAD - Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate
F3ER - find, fix, finish, exploit and re-engage
FA - force application
FA - functional categories
FA - Field Artillery (Army branch)
FA 11 (Infantry) - Functional Area 11 (Infantry)
FA 30 (Information Operations) - Functional Area 30 (Information Operations)
FAA - Angolan armed forces
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
FAA - forward assembly areas
FAA - Foreign Assistance Act, 1961
FAAD - forward area air defense
FAADEZ - Forward Area Air Defense Engagement Zone
FAADS - Forward Area Air Defense System
FAADZ - forward area air defense zones
FAAR - forward area alerting radar
FAASV - M992 field artillery ammunition support vehicles
FAAWC - force anti-air warfare commanders
FAB - Brazilian Air Force
FAC - family assistance centers
FAC - Forward Air Controller
FACA - Federal Advisory Committee Act
FACCC - Captain’s Career Course Field Artillery
FACT - Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils
FAD - force activity designators
FAD - funding authorization/allowance documents
FAE - fuel air explosives
FAMC - US Army Garrison Fitzsimons
FAMECE - family of military engineer construction equipment
FAMS - Federal Air Marshal Service
FAMSIM - family of simulations
FAN - Venezuelan National Armed Forces
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
FAO - foreign area officer
FAO - Foreign Area Officers Program
FAO - finance and accounting officer
FAP - Army Family Advocacy Program
FAPES - Force Augmentation Planning and Execution System
FAQ - frequently asked questions
FAR - field artillery regiments
FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARC - Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
FARE - forward area refueling equipment
FARP - forward arming and refueling points
FAS - Foreign Agricultural Service
FAS - jump aid stations
FAS - Forward Aid Station
FASAB - Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board
FASCAM - family of scatterable mines
FAST - Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Field Assistance in Science and Technology
FAST - forward area support teams
FAST - Forward Area Support Terminal
FAST - fleet anti-terrorist security teams
FAST-CD - Fast Assessment Strike Tool - Collateral Damage
FASTC - Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center
FASTRAC - facility assessment tracking system
FASV - forward area supply vehicles
FATA - Federally Administered Tribal Area
FAWPSS - forward area water point supply systems
fax - facsimile
FB - fire base
FBCB2 - Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
FBE - Fleet Battle Experiments
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBOP - Federal Bureau of Prisons
FC - force commanders
FC - Army Finance Corps
FCA - Farm Credit Administration
FCA IG - Farm Credit Administration Inspector General
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FCC - federal coordinating centers
FCC - flight coordination centers
FCC IG - Federal Communications Commission Inspector General
FCCC - Captain's Career Course Finance
FCCP - fire control command post
FCDSSA - Fleet Combat Direction Systems Support Activity
FCIP - Foreign Counterintelligence Program
FCLAS - Full Spectrum Active Protection System
FCS - Future Combat System
FCS (BCT) - Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)
FCT - Firepower Control Team
FCT - family care teams
FCX - fire coordination exercises
FD - force development
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
FDA - functional damage assessment
FDC - Fire Direction Center
FDD - Flight Dynamics Directorate
FDD - Force Development Directorate (CASCOM)
FDDI - fiber distributed data interface
FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDIC - Force Development and Integration Center

Showing main entries 1 through 439 of 439.


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