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E&E - evasion and escape
E&R - evasion and recovery
E-HAWK - Electronic Headquarters for the Acquisition of War Knowledge
e-mail - electronic mail
E/MSS - Employee/Member Self Service system
E3 - electromagnetic environmental effects
EA - engagement areas
EA - environmental analysts
EA - executive agent
EAA - Enterprise Application Architecture
EAC - echelons above corps
EAC - Evaluation Analysis Center
EAD - Extended Active Duty
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
EADSIM - extended air defense simulation
EADTF - Extended Air Defense Task Force
EAF implementation plan - Expeditionary Aerospace Force Implementation Plan
EAMC - Eisenhower Army Medical Center
EAP - Emergency Action Plan
EAP - employee assistance programs
EAPC - Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
eAPIS - Electronic Advance Passenger Information System
EAS - end of active service
EASI - Expert Analysis System for Intelligence
EBAL - effects-based approach to logistics
EBC - embedded battle command
EBCT - evaluation brigade combat teams
EBIS - Employee Benefits Information System
EBL (IATA) - Erbil International Airport
EBO - effects-based operations
EBP - effects-based processes
EBPM - Enterprise Business Process Model
EBRI - Employee Benefit Research Institute
EBS - Enterprise Business System
EBS - Emergency Broadcast System
EC - European Community
EC (Army) - Ecuador
ECB - echelons corps and below
ECBC - Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center
ECBRS - Enhanced Concept Based Requirements System
ECC - Experiment Concept Committee
ECC - Evacuation control center
ECCB - Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
ECCC - Captain’s Career Course Engineer
ECCU - Eastern Caribbean Currency Union
ECHO - European Community Humanitarian Office
ECI - employment cost index
ECM - electronic countermeasures
ECOA - enemy course of action
ECOMOG - Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group
ECOWAS - Economic Community of West African States
ECP - entry control point
ECPA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986
ECRA - Economic and Community Revitalization Activity
ECS - engagement control systems
ECSC - European Coal and Steel Community
ECU - Ecuador
ECWCS - extended cold weather clothing system
ED - Education Department
ED IG - Education Department Inspector General
EDA - Economic Development Administration
EDAS - Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System
EDD - Explosives Detector Dog
EDI - electronic data interchange
EDP - electronic data processing
EE - Estonia
EEA - essential elements of analysis
EEA - environmental effects analyses
EEA - environmental executive agent
EEC - European Economic Community
EECT - end of evening civil twilight
EEFI - Essential Element of Friendly Information
EEI - Essential Elements of Information
EELS - early entry, lethality and survivability
EENT - end of evening nautical twilight
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOC IG - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Inspector General
EER - enlisted evaluation reports
EES - Entry-Exit System
EEZ - exclusive economic zones (EEZ)
EF - end of radioactive fallout
EFMP - Exceptional Family Member Program
EFOG-M - enhanced fiber-optic guided missile
EFP - explosively formed projectiles
EFP - explosively formed penetrator
EFT - electronic funds transfer
EFTA - European Free Trade Association
EFTO - Encrypt for transmission only
EFV - Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EG (Army) - Egypt
EGA - enhanced graphic adapter
Eglin AFB - Eglin Air Force Base
EGY - Egypt
EH - explosive hazard(s)
EH - Euskal Herritarrok
EHF - Extremely High Frequency
EI (Army) - Ireland
EIB - European Investment Bank
EIE - Enterprise Information Environment

Showing main entries 1 through 253 of 253.


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