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C - carbon
C & DD - Concepts and Doctrine Directorate (CASCOM)
C & J - collection and jamming
C & P - characteristics and performance
C & TD - concept and technology development
C-TPAT - Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
C.O.D. - cash on delivery
C2 - Command and Control
C2 operations - Command and Control
C2BMB - C2 and Battle Management Battle Lab
C2SID - Command, Control and Systems Integration Directorate
C2V - command and control vehicles
C2W - command and control warfare
C3 - command, control, and communications
C3I - command, control, communications and intelligence
C3IC - Coalition Coordination, Communication, and Integration Center
C3IEW - command, control, communications, intelligence and electronic warfare
C4 - command, control, communications and computers
C4/IM - command, control, communications and computers and information management
C4I - command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
C4IEWS - command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, electronic ...
C4IFTW - C4I for the Warrior
C4ISR - command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance ...
C4IT - command, control, communications, computers, and information technology
C5 - Captains Career Common Core Course
CA - heavy cruiser
CA - combined arms
CA - convening authorities
CA - California
CA - Bureau of Consular Affairs
CA - certificate authorities
CA - combat assessment
CA - combat arms
CA - civil affairs
CA (Army) - Canada
Ca (calcium) - calcium
CA SMR - California State Military Reserve
CAA - Center for Army Analysis
CAA - Clean Air Act
CAAA - Crane Army Ammunition Activity
CAANG - California Air National Guard
CAAT - collection and analysis teams
CAB - Combat Aviation Brigade
CAB - CALL Analysis Branch
CAC - Combined Arms Center
CAC - command aviation companies
CAC - common access card
CAC&FLVN - Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth
CAC-CDID - Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division
CAC-K - Combined Arms Center-Knowledge
CAC-LD&E - Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education
CAC-T - Combined Arms Center-Training
CAD - course administrative data
CAD - cartridge actuated device
CADD - Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate
CADD - The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate
CADRE - College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education
CAE - DoD Component Acquisition Executives
CAF - Canadian Air Force
CAF - Central Adjudication Facility
CAF - Combat Air Force
CAFMS - Computer-Assisted Force Management System
CAFTT - Coalition Air Force Training Team
CAG - civil affairs group
CAG - Canadian Air Group
CAG - Concepts Analysis Group
CAG - cost advisory group
CAG - Combined Action Group
CAG - combined arms groups
CAGO - contractor acquired government owned
CAI - computer-assisted instruction
CAI - Computer Aided Instruction
CAISI - Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface
CAL - caliber
CAL - Center for Army Leadership
CALFEX - combined arms live fire exercises
CALL - Center for Army Lessons Learned
CALL IIR - initial impressions reports
CALL LNO - CALL liaison officer
CALLCOMS - CALL Collection and Observation Management System
CALLIMS - CALL Information Management System
CALS - Committee on Ammunition Logistics Support
CALS - Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support
CAM - chemical agent monitor
CAMDS - Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System
CAMPLAN - campaign plan
CAN - Canada
CANA - Canadian Army
CANA - convulsant antidote for nerve agents
CANR - Canadian NORAD Region
CAO - casualty assistance officer
CAO - chief administrative officer
CAO - civil affairs operations
CAOC - combined air operations center
CAORA - Combined Arms Operations Research Activity
CAP - civil air patrol
CAP - Combined Action Platoons (USMC)
CAP - Crisis Action Planning
CAP - Continuous Assisted Performance

Showing main entries 1 through 944 of 944.


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