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1-285th ARB - 1-285th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion.
1-285th ATKHB - 101st Air Refueling Wing
100th ASG - 100th Area Support Group
100th DIV-IT - 100th Division (Institutional Training)
100th ERVC - 100th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services Headquarters
101st ABN DIV - 101st Airborne Division
101st ARW - 101st Air Refueling Wing
102d FIW - 102d Fighter Interceptor Wing
102d ID - 102d Infantry Division
103d AW - 103d Airlift Wing
104th DIV-IT - 104th Division (Institutional Training)
104th FW - 104th Fighter Wing
105th AW - 105th Airlift Wing
106th RQW - 106th Rescue Wing
107th ARW - 107th Air Refueling Wing
108th ARW - 108th Air Refueling Wing
108th DIV-IT - 108th Division (Institutional Training)
109th AW - 109th Airlift Wing
10th MTN DIV(L) - 10th Mountain Division (Light)
10th SFG (ABN) - 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
117th ARW - 117th Air Refueling Wing
11th ACR - 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
11th ADA Bde - 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
11th MEU - 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit
123rd IS - 123d Intelligence Squadron
126th ARW - 126th Air Refueling Wing
129th RQW - 129th Rescue Wing
130th MHD - 130th Military History Detachment
137th SWS - 137th Space Warning Squadron
13th MEU - 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
140th CES - 140th Civil Engineer Squadron
140th CF - 140th Communications Flight
141st ARW - 141st Air Refueling Wing
143 TRANSCOM - 143d Transportation Command
144th FW - 144th Fighter Wing
146th AW - 146th Airlift Wing
147th CBCS - 147th Combat Communications Squadron
148th FW - 148th Fighter Wing
148th SOPS - 148th Space Operations Squadron
149th CBCS - 149th Combat Communications Squadron
154th WF - 154th Weather Flight
15th MEU - 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
162d CCG - 162d Combat Communications Group
163d ARW - 163d Air Refueling Wing
168th ARW - 168th Air Refueling Wing
16th MP BDE - 16th Military Police Brigade
171st ARW - 171st Air Refueling Wing
174th FW - 174th Fighter Wing
179th AW - 179th Airlift Wing
184th FS - 184th Fighter Squadron
187th FW - 187th Fighter Wing
188th FW - 188th Fighter Wing
189th AW - 189th Airlift Wing
18th Air Force - Eighteenth Air Force
18th SPSS - 18th Space Surveillance Squadron
19th SFG (ABN) - 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
19th TSC - 19th Theater Support Command
1A - First Army
1AD - 1st Armored Division
1AE - First Army Division East
1AE - First Army East
1AW - First Army West
1LT - First Lieutenant
1SG - First Sergeant
1st CD - 1st Cavalry Division
1st ID(M) - 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized)
1st MAR DIV - 1st Marine Division
1st MAW - 1st Marine Aircraft Wing
1st MLG - 1st Marine Logistics Group
1st SFG (ABN) - 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
1st SWTG - 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne)
1st TMCA - 1st Transportation Movement Control Agency
1st TSC - 1st Sustainment Command
1stSgt (Marine Corps) - First Sergeant

Showing main entries 1 through 77 of 77.


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