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Reference Guide 11-39
August 2011

Goals and Metrics


  • Ensure coordination and cooperation (brigade combat team [BCT] and provincial reconstruction team [PRT], military and civilian) toward common objectives, even if the participants are not part of the same commands or organizations.
  • PRTs should be well-situated and resourced to achieve the following objectives:
    • Improve stability.
    • Increase local institutional capacity.
    • Facilitate reconstruction activities.
    • Execute a strong strategic communications program.
  • Strategy and objectives for the province for the next 1-3 years should be well understood by both the BCT and the PRT.

Information Sharing:

  • Information sharing is essential to set common goals and track metrics.
  • Do what it takes to inform each other - formally and informally.
  • Schedule mutually agreeable regular updates/reviews/meetings; provide adequate time and attention for all participants and lines of effort (LOEs).
  • Go the extra step to share thoughts, insights, and concerns with each other, even if they are only uninformed "gut" feelings. (Try being each other's sounding board.)
  • Initial meeting between BCT and PRT commanders should set the tone for information sharing.
  • Initial meeting between military and civilians should set the tone for information sharing.


  • Understand outputs (e.g., number of wells drilled, schools built, and police trained); outcomes (e.g., how many people have access to clean water, growth in school enrollment, and public perception of police); and longer-term impacts (e.g., impact of wells on local power structure, impact of education on social values and economic prospects, and impact of police training on public security and support for the government). Ultimately, impact is what matters.
  • Agree upon the metrics for measuring progress toward attaining goals/objectives:
    • Measures of effectiveness (MOE): The criteria used to assess changes in system behavior or capability that are tied to measuring the attainment of an end state, achievement of an objective, or creation of an effect.
    • Measures of performance (MOP): The criteria used to measure if a task is performed to a necessary standard. MOP measures output if actions were done correctly.
  • Develop criteria for attaining success in "unity of effort."
  • Examine progress toward addressing sources of instability and toward promoting sources of stability.


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