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Handbook 10-02
October 2009

What is IET?

What is Initial Entry Training (IET)?

Your cadre spouse is involved in one of the following:

Basic Combat Training

Basic Combat Training (BCT), transforms a civilian into a Soldier. It is a significant time in a Soldier's life. BCT is meant to be rigorous and challenging. During this time, individuals adapt to a new career and life for their Families. A typical BCT day entails early mornings, long days, late nights, and information overload. BCT is designed to give a Soldier the experience and skills required in today's Army. We are confident that as a Soldier progresses through training, he or she will grow in self-confidence, individual knowledge, and physical strength. Led by Drill Sergeants, Soldiers have leaders who are confident, strong, and never ask Soldiers to do anything they will not do themselves. Drill Sergeants and support personnel are with Soldiers from the time they arrive to the day they graduate. Soldiers are under constant supervision (mainly during the first few weeks of training - Red Phase), resulting in cadre having long days and working most weekends.

Advanced Individual Training

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) follows BCT. AIT focuses on the job that Soldiers will be doing. As they learn their specific jobs, they continue to reinforce those skills learned in BCT. AIT courses vary in length from five weeks to over one year depending on Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). Although supervision varies more in AIT, cadre still work long days and many weekends.

One Station Unit Training

One Station Unit Training (OSUT) combines BCT and AIT in the same unit and cadre. One Station Unit Training is organized for certain MOSs such as Infantry, MP, Engineer, and Armor. The transition from BCT to AIT is seamless, and graduations are celebrated at the end of OSUT. Again, hours are long and training is conducted on weekends.


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