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Handbook 10-02
October 2009

Responsibility Shift

What can we do to help your Family adjust to the stresses of an IET assignment?

Normal routines are established in every household. Changes within the routine can lead to confusion or stress in one's life. You may face new responsibilities or challenges because the cadre member is extremely busy at work. Here are some ways to help your Family adjust to your IET assignment:

  • Kids
    • Encourage children to ask questions and find answers
    • Be open to your child's feelings about the IET relocation
    • Attend activities as much as possible such as recitals, plays, or sport competitions

  • Chores
    • Learn each others' chores (this will alleviate confusion)
    • Prioritize (more or less can be added to your workload, realize that everything cannot be done in one day)
    • Give children responsibilities such as washing dishes, cleaning rooms, or sorting their own laundry

  • Money Matters
    • Keep spouse informed of all financial matters
    • Stick to your budget
    • Learn each others' financial responsibilities (this will keep both spouse and Soldier in the loop of what is going on and how to pay bills when the other is absent)
    • Have a stash of cash or account for emergencies

How can you stay connected in the IET environment?

  • Learning about your cadre spouse's job and responsibilities in the IET environment can help you understand their daily challenges.

  • There are similarities between IETs extended hours and being deployed. You should be prepared for added responsibilities while your spouse is at work. Useful Family information can be found in the Soldier's and Family Member's Handbook at


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