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Handbook 10-02
October 2009

Family Readiness Group

Are there FRGs in IET?

Yes there are!! FRGs are primarily at the IET Battalion level and normally consist of permanent party personnel, although some AIT units may involve their new Soldier spouses. It is also a way for you to get to know other seasoned spouses in the unit and learn from them. Spouses can also get together for a good time or stress relief. Normally, unit FRGs are smaller because IET units are smaller.

  • Family Readiness Group (FRG) - This is a commander's program that plays a vital role in enhancing the flow of communication between commands and Families during deployments and peacetime.

  • virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG) - This is a secure website that offers a more convenient way to keep Families informed with what is going on in their unit. You can go to this website - to see if your unit has a website up and running. Your unit has to give you access to it.

**For more information about FRG, contact or visit your unit representatives.

What are some helpful topics to discuss with your IET FRG Leaders?

  • Schedule FRG events during training day or early evening to allow Families opportunity to spend time with DS / AITPSG

  • Recognize FRG personnel / volunteers with awards in different venues

  • Be happy with those involved (will be fewer than what you desire)

  • Know how to raise money so you can do activities

  • Must have contact info for communications. Publish a newsletter quarterly

  • Schedule Brigade / Battalion retreats or workshops

  • Plan special events (Formals, "Off-the-Trail" Ceremonies, Holiday events, school sponsorship)

  • Encourage meals with spouses at DFAC

  • Send Birthday / Anniversary cards

  • Give Welcome brochures / booklets

  • Virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG) -
    (make sure your FRG is registered)

  • Encourage unit websites


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