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Handbook 10-02
October 2009

Family Activities

Since free time is limited in the IET environment, what should I do when we are off?

On an IET installation, there are cycle breaks and Holiday Block Leave.

Cycle Breaks are normally given after a BCT/AIT/OSUT graduation and can range from two to ten days. Make the most of this quality time even though there will be some unit responsibilities.

You know what your Family likes to do-go and have some fun. You will need this time to recharge your batteries. The training unit will be there when you get back, so get away from the job and enjoy your Family. Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) works a Holiday Block Leave period around Christmas and New Years. The exact dates vary from installation to installation and year to year. This period actually stops training courses, enabling a break for almost all cadre. Use this holiday period to your advantage. This is usually the best time for Family trips.

Even though you may be tired from the long week, do something fun. Local recreational opportunities at low cost for you and your Family may include:

Movie Theatres



Shopping Centers

Swimming Pool

Riding Bikes

Family Retreats




You can get ideas on the best vacation, hotel, and event ticket prices from your local travel office or the below websites:

Fort Knox -

Fort Sill -

Fort Jackson -

Fort Leonard Wood -

Fort Benning -


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