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Battle Command Training Program logoBCTP conducts or supports combined arms training that replicates Joint-Interagency-Intergovernmental-Multinational Operations in a full spectrum Contemporary Operational Environment, at worldwide locations, in accordance with the Army Forces Generation Model, for BDEs*, Divs, Corps, ASCCs, JFLCCs, and JTFs in order to create training experiences that enable the Army's Senior Battle Commanders to develop current, relevant, campaign-quality, joint and expenditionary Battle Command instincts and skills.


BCTP Mission Tasks

  • Conduct Brigade Warfighter Exercises (BWFX) and BMRXs
  • Conduct or support tactical or operation-level Div/Corps WFXs and MRXs
  • Conduct embedded Support Unit Warfighter Exercises and SMRs
  • Conduct Battle Command Seminars (BCS) for BCTs, Divs, Corps, Spt Bdes, designated Function/Theater Units
  • Conduct Counterinsurgency (COIN) Seminars for Divs/Corps
  • Support JWFC in conducting JTF exercises for Divs/Corps
  • Support FORSCOM designated ASCC exercises with OTs/AARs




BCTP Campaign Plan



Last Reviewed: October 29, 2010

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