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Retired 2000 - 2010

Presentation: Aachen 1944. Implications for the Future

PORTFOLIO A: FCS Potomac August (01_FCS_Potomac_Aug2000)

DRAFT Briefing: Future Combat Systems

“Future Combat Systems: An Army ($509 m)-DARPA ($406 m) Program ’01 thru ’05.”

“Future Combat Systems: An Army ($509 m)-DARPA ($406 m) Program ’01 thru ’05.” (with notes) (Unavailable pending receipt of permission from copyright holder)

“Future Combat Systems: An Army ($509 m)-DARPA ($406 m) Program ’01 thru ’05.” (Annual NDIA Conference on Science and Engineering)

"Why a Future Combat Systems Program?” (Unavailable pending receipt of permission from copyright holder)

Narrative presentation on DARPA -ARMY FCS project

The 26th Infantry Regiment and the Future of the Army

The Transformation of Land Warfare: An Operational Perspective for Engineers

Affordability of the Objective Force

PORTFOLIO B: 75th Birthday Aug 2002 (04_75thBirthday_Aug2002)

General Jack Vessey

Paul Francis Gorman

Remarks to the Army Science Conference

Gorman’s Corollary to Murphy’s Law

Close Support Fires for the Army Objective Force 2015

Discusses membership in the committee that selected the AR 15 rifle

Remarks to the 32d Infantry Regiment Association

“Readiness Restored. The U.S. Army 1963-1975.”

Unit Managed Acquisition

Summarizes situation with regard to training structure in DePuy years at TRADOC

The Search for Certainty

Remarks for Officers of the First Division

Eulogy Celebrating Jim L. Madden

The Battle of Baachen

Imperatives for Stability Operations

Korea: The Beginning of the End

Readiness for the Long War

Disruptive Technology

Imperatives for Stability Operations

The Future Soldier’s Load and the Mobility of the Nation

Remarks at First Division Museum’s Dedication of an HU-1C

PORTFOLIO C: DARPA Training Portfolio (23_DarpaTngPortfolio_15Sep2010)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Initiatives

Outline related to above

A Proposed Talking Paper for CG TRADOC

The Foot Soldier’s Load: Learning from the Past

Learning to Learn


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