Army 1950 - 1972

Form: DA Form 66 Officer Record Brief (201 File)

FOLDER A: Korea: Feb ’52 - Feb ’53 (a_Korea)

PORTFOLIO A: 01_52_OrdersToKorea

Assignment Orders

MSG from the Adjutant General

PORTFOLIO B: 02_52_32dInfantry

FOLDER A: 01_52_32dInfantry

Old Baldy Area

Welcome document for the 32dInfantry Regiment

The Eighth Army Front - West Sector

Paul F. Gorman with Bob Smith

FOLDER B: 02_52_Patrol_26Apr

Complete version of Recommendation for Bronze Star Award

FOLDER C: 03_52_Sangmokil_7May

General Orders Number 190. Awards Silver Star to First Lieutenant Paul F. Gorman for action

MG Lemnitzer presenting Silver Star to LT Gorman in hospital

Copy of 26 June 1952 Letter

Terrain involved in 7 May action

Patrol route for 7 May action

Patrol rehearsal on 5 May

Terrain of 7 May action

Eighth Army Front Line

Contour Map: Sangmoksil Terrain of 7 May action

FOLDER D: 04_52_BronzeStarRecommendation_16Oct

Recommendation for Award: Heroism, Bronze Star w/ “V” Cluster for Action 16 October 1952

See Also (Referenced in Folder:  02_Army_1950_72/a_Korea/02_52_32dInfantry)
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09_04_Remarks_32InfAssoc_19Sep.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10
24_10_FootSoldierLoad_21Dec.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10
See Also (Referenced in Folder: 02_Army_1950_72/a_Korea)
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18_08_Korea_11Nov.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10


FOLDER B: Harvard University: Jun ’53 - Jul ’54 (b_Harvard)

Letter from Head, Department of Mathematics

“Limited War: Korea, 1950"

“Infantry In Defense Of The West"

Award of Army Commendation Medal at Harvard

Public Information Release, concerning award of Army Commendation Medal

“The Administrative Framework of Unit Cohesion in the Soviet Army"

FOLDER C: Department of Social Sciences, West Point: Jul ’54 - Jun ’57 (c_SocialScienceDept)

Draft of Chapter 10, Dartmouth Policy Study

Letter from Colonel George Lincoln

Certificate from Department of Social Sciences

FOLDER D: 7th Army: June ’58 - Jul ’61 (d_7thArmyUSAREUR)

Company D 2/51st Infantry

Command Action in Favor of More Training

Seventh Army Briefing to CINCUSAREUR

Letter to Major Lucien “Blackie” Bolduc

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14_86_ThoughtsTraining_11Nov.pdf 06_Retired/01_Retired_1985_90

FOLDER E: Army Command and General Staff College: July ’61 - July ’62 (e_CGSC)

CGSC Graduation Program

FOLDER F: National War College August ‘65-June ’66 (f_NWC)

Revolution in the South - A New Professionalism? (Unavailable pending receipt of permission from copyright holder)

War College Text

FOLDER G: Vietnam: 1st Infantry Division: June ’66 - July ’67 (g_Vietnam1stID)

Award of Distinguished Service Cross to Lieutenant Colonel (Infantry) Paul F. Gorman for action 22-27 August 1966

Award of Distinguished Flying Cross for action on 22 February 1967

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16_96_BlueSpaders1917_67.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991_99
18_97_BRO_MonumentSpeech_Jun.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991_99
19_97_Review_BlueSpaders_Jul.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991_99
02_01_Centennial_26Inf_02Feb.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10
14_07_BRO88thOff_Apr28.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10
23_10_FDM_Speech_Aug.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10


FOLDER H: Fort Benning, GA; (Assistant Commandant Infantry School and President, Board for Dynamic Training): September ’71 - June ’72 (h_ Fort Benning_BoardForDynamicTraining)

Command and Control in RVN

Reports of the Board for Dynamic Training

Another copy of the Executive Summary of the Report of the Board for Dynamic Training

Farewell of the Gormans upon departure from Fort Benning and the office of Deputy Commandant in June 1972

See Also (Referenced in Folder:  02_Army_1950_72/h_FortBenning_BoardForDynamicTraining)
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25_98_DynTng_Graf_26Oct.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991_99

PENTAGON PAPERS: Contains a significant contribution by General Paul Francis Gorman during his assignment at OSD. Click here for the extensive list of de-classified papers.

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