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October 1, 2007

International Military Students


Welcome to the Command and General Staff College (CGSC).  In order to provide you quality arrival support an U.S. military representative will assist you in your preparations for attendance at the CGSC.  The individual may be a Fort Leavenworth Sponsor or a Command Sponsor.  The volunteer Fort Leavenworth Sponsor will be there to assist you for your entire stay unless the individual becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.  The Command Sponsor is an individual designated to provide temporary assistance to you if your military sponsor is absent during the month of June.  In addition, you will also have three more volunteer support members - a Leavenworth civilian sponsor, a Kansas City civilian sponsor, and a Student Ambassador.


When you have selected a place to live, make sure that you do three very important things.

  • First, inspect the premises before you sign a lease agreement. Do not accept a civilian rental unless a complete inspection is done and both you and the property owner have signed the document.  If an owner refuses the inspection, contact the International Military Student Division at 684-7324, and do not proceed with the procurement of that residence.
  • Second, be extremely careful when writing in the lease agreement the date you will leave the rental home.  If you decide to leave before the lease agreement expires, you will continue to be responsible for all rental expenses.
  • Third, ensure that you have a military clause stated in your written agreement.  If you are recalled to your country without this clause, you will be held responsible for all rental expenses until the period of the lease expires.


As a final measure of security we recommend you bring your lease agreement to our office or FAX a copy to the Off-Post Housing Referral Office at 913-684-3886  for final review before you sign this legally binding document.  


Your sponsor will help set up accounts for local utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity.  If the property owner includes these utilities in the cost of the residence, insure that the allowed amount for expenses are specified and the services covered are specified in the lease agreement.


If you purchase or rent a vehicle for transportation, ensure that you understand the contract and the cost.  After the purchase, you must obtain the required automobile insurance and a state license.  If the use of a vehicle is part of a residential lease, this agreement must be stated in the lease and maintenance and usage expectations also need to be specified.  Failure to do so could leave you liable for a large sum of money.


Make sure you understand the amount of money you will receive per month before committing to any contract.  Do not make a commitment that will exceed your income.  If you are confused on any issue and your sponsor is not able to help you, please contact us at 684-7324 or 684-7319. 


Mr. Steven O'Dell
Executive Officer
International Military Student Division




Last Reviewed: October 21, 2011

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