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Fort Leavenworth Sponsor Program



The IMSD recruits active military officers (ranks Captain to Colonel), and civil service, GS-9 and above, to sponsor incoming International Military Students (IMS).  The sponsors are permanent assigned officers, civil service or contractors assigned to Fort Leavenworth.  The Fort Leavenworth sponsor assists the International Military Students by meeting them when they arrive and helping them to get settled in the area.  Key planning dates for the academic year are located on the Current Event Calendar.

The IMSD welcomes all volunteers.  If you wish to volunteer to sponsor an IMS, please complete Internet
CGSC Form 88 or print the form and submit it to the IMSD, Room 3524 Lewis & Clark Center.   CGSC Form 88 is also available in Room 3524, Lewis & Clark Center.  Phone 913-684-7323 to contact the Sponsor Coordinator for the Fort Leavenworth Sponsor Program.

Due to the high demand for certain countries, a sponsor may only be permitted to sponsor the same country for no more than 2 years.  This will allow for other individuals to sponsor these countries and allows the program to continue to grow and attract new sponsors.  

CGSOC students are no longer eligible to be Fort Leavenworth sponsors but are encouraged to volunteer to be a student ambassador. The point of contact for Student Ambassadorship is the US Student Division, Student Act. Coordinator at 913-684-7313.  Also, if you are planning to retire in the local area, you may wish to join the civilian sponsor program.

Frequently asked questions


Individuals selected will be notified via e-mail.  Sponsors will need to respond and inform IMSD if they will be on leave or TDY during the IMS arrival window.  Please contact the IMSD if you wish to join the program.


This important phase of the Sponsor Program begins with the arrival and initial activities (In-processing and Registration) of the International Military Students. 



How do I, as a sponsor, assist my International Military Student (IMS) when s/he arrives? Basically be there, meet him/her at the airport if s/he travels via time and place if s/he drives.

How do I, as a sponsor, assist my International Military Student (IMS) when s/he arrives? Basically be there, meet him/her at the airport if s/he travels via air or make arrangements to meet him/her at a convenient time and place if s/he drives.
  • When will his/her course of instruction begin?  View the International Military Student Division Key Dates
  • Kansas City Airport (Code: MCI) has latest airport and flight delays information.
  • Billeting:  International Military Students report to Hoge Barracks Lodging Office to sign in and request a room.
  • Sponsor Guide
  • Information on Leavenworth and Lansing Schools for IMS Dependents is posted on the IMSD website.


For additional information regarding all of the Sponsorship opportunities, the point of contact is the IMSD Field Studies Program Manager


Last Reviewed: October 1, 2012

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