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Newsletter 10-64
September 2010

Appendix A. References and Resources

Center for Army Lessons Learned Handbooks

10-41, Assessments and Measures of Effectiveness in Stability Operations

10-10, Agribusiness Development Teams in Afghanistan

08-09, Leader's Guide: Chaplains in Current Operations

Department of Defense

Afghanistan Country Handbook, December 2007

U.S. Army Field Manuals

Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations, 27 February 2008

FM 3-24, Counterinsurgency, 15 December 2006

Naval Postgraduate School Center for Civil-Military Relations

The Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace Program

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Publications

Afghanistan Smart Book, TRADOC Culture Center, Second Edition, January 2010

Other Resources

"Afghanistan Corruption 'Worsening'.", 17 November 2009.

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