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Handbook 10-02
October 2009


How will the transition to IET affect my child's education?

Transition Tips

Moving is nothing new to the Army and will lead to your children attending a new school. The long hours already discussed in earlier sections will cause some school activities to default to you. Remember that your cadre member can get off to go to guidance counselor appointments, teacher conferences, and other school activities. These have to be worked with the unit chain of command. No commander worth his or expect cadre to ignore their children's educational commitment for two or so years.

You can help your children by:

Allowing them to express feelings (even negative) about the transition. Encourage comments or suggest drawing or journaling about the new transition.

Establishing regular routines and schedules for meals, study time, bedtime, and play time which can help the transition run more smoothly.

If possible, hand carry your child's vital records such as birth certificates and shot records to ensure a smooth school enrollment for your child.


Noticing new behavior patterns in your children's play can alert you to how they are feeling. Are they stressed or anxious over the change in school or longer time in child care?

Some signs of stress might be:

  • Crying
  • Daydreaming
  • Irritability
  • Discouragement
  • Anxiety
  • Disobeying the rules
  • Clinging
  • Anger
  • Exaggerated dependence

Extreme changes in any normal behaviors such as sleep patterns, eating, health complaints, disinterest in school work,play, Family interactions, and depression can be stress signals.

If any of these symptoms persist and/or cause your children problems, you may need to seek professional help in the community. Your child's pediatrician should be contacted to rule-out any medical problems. You also might contact your children's teachers, the school nurse, or the school counselor togive you information about school support and/or agencies which might assist your Family.

Although your cadre member time may be limited in the IET environment, encourage them to attend your child's special events.

School Counseling Services:

  • Parent Consultations
  • Individual Counseling by request during school hours
  • Student Deployment-Away Groups¬†
  • Small Group Counseling on various topics
  • Guidance classes focusing on age appropriate social, personal, and academic development skills

School Liaison Offices are available at each installation. They provide needed information on schools available on and off-post. As with any move, be alert for special school programs or magnet programs in the surrounding school districts. Contact the school liaisons listed below to help ensure that your child(ren) is placed in the best possible educational program for them upon arrival.

School Liaison Services


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