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Handbook 10-02
October 2009

IET-Specific Acronyms

AIT - Advanced Individual Training
(Training given to enlisted personnel, after completion of BCT, to qualify for the award of a MOS).

BCT - Basic Combat Training
(Training in basic military subjects and fundamentals of basic combat skills, to all newly enlisted Active/Reserve personnel without prior service).

CCFSC - Company Commander/First Sergeant Course
(A mandatory course for all Company Commanders and First Sergeants prior to assuming their IET duties).

CTC - Cadre Training Course
(A mandatory course for all company officers, first sergeants, brigade, and battalion staff to familiarize them with the IET environment, organization, policies and procedures, leadership, training, evaluation, performance, and management).

DCG-IMT - Deputy Commanding General-Initial Military Training
(establishes policies for the conduct of IMT; manages and assesses the IMT program).

DS - Drill Sergeant
(An NCO that has successfully completed the prescribed instruction in a U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School, been awarded the "X" Skill Qualification Identifier, and is qualified to train and supervise IET Soldiers).

IET - Initial Entry Training
(Training presented to new enlistees with no prior military service. Includes BCT, OSUT, and AIT).

IMT - Initial Military Training
(Term that encompasses all initial Army training including enlisted, warrant officer, and officer).

ISCTC - Installation Staff Contractors Training Course
(A mandatory course for all installation staff that come into daily or frequent contact with IET Soldiers not attending PCC, CTC, SCTC, or CCFSC).

ITR - Individual Training Record
(Records the training/standards achieved by the Soldier).

MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
(An IET Soldier is considered MOS qualified upon successful completion of all BCT and AIT/OSUT requirements).

MRD - Mandatory Release Date
(A predetermined release date that is part of the Reserve Component enlistment contract; established at the home station to allow students and seasonal employees to enter and complete BCT during IET).

OSUT - One-Station Unit Training
(IET conducted at one location, in one unit, under the same cadre, with a Program of Instruction tailored to a specific MOS).

SCTC - Support Cadre Training Course
(A mandatory course for all cadre not attending CTC, CCFSC, ISCTC, or PCC including primary instructors
(military and civilian).

TRADOC PCC - Training and Doctrine Command Pre-command Course
(A mandatory course for all Brigade/Battalion Commanders and Command Sergeant Majors prior to assuming their IET duties).

WTBD - Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
(Skills taught in BCT and the BCT portion of OSUT to train Soldiers how to survive in combat).


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