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Handbook 09-48
September 2009

Appendix C

Example of a Performance Work Statement for Shower and Hand-Washing Station Requirements

General Information

1. Scope of work. The contractor shall provide portable shower facilities or structures. The contractor will provide service or maintenance and supervision of shower placement and/or replacement or removal. It will be necessary for the contractor and employed personnel to set up, install, maintain, take down, and transport all shower material and peripherals to and from the training sites upon completion. The contractor shall provide shower structures, shaving areas (sinks), and hand-washing stations. These facilities must accommodate up to 1,000 personnel composed of both genders. The contractor must provide hand-washing stations at the designated locations to include areas adjacent to portable toilets and the dining facilities (DFACs). The contractor is also responsible to deliver and fill each shower facility with potable water. The contractor must also supervise and conduct the removal of gray water or waste water from the hand-washing stations and showers. The contractor is also required to stay to the end of the contract for disassembly, closing out contracts, and removal of equipment.

2. Personnel. The contractor shall furnish all personnel to accomplish work required by this contract. The contracting supervisor shall oversee personnel who are qualified in their respective areas of responsibility.

2.1. Certifications and qualifications. All contractor personnel will have a working knowledge of tent assembly. Only certified electricians will be employed by the contractor to manage power generation and power distribution.

2.2. Conflict of interest. The contractor shall not employ any person who is an employee of the U.S. government or a Department of Defense military or civilian if the employment of that person would create or appear to be a conflict of interest.

2.3. Background check. All contractor personnel are subject to and must approve a police record check be accomplished before working at Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center (FCMTC).

2.4. Use of alcoholic beverages/drugs. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by contractor personnel while on duty and on FCMTC is strictly forbidden for the duration of the contract. The contractor shall immediately remove and replace employees who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2.5. Theft. If a contractor employee is observed and verified stealing any government property, the proper authorities will be contacted and the contractor shall immediately remove the employee.

2.6. Removal of contractor employees. All personnel employed by the contractor in the performance of this contract or any representative of the contractor entering the government installation shall abide by all security regulations of the installation and shall be subject to such checks as may be deemed necessary. The government reserves the right to direct the removal of an employee for misconduct, security reasons, or any overt evidence of communicable disease. Removal of contractor employees for reasons stated above does not relieve the contractor from responsibility for total performance of this contract.

2.7. Vehicle operators. Contractor personnel operating privately-owned vehicles on the installation shall have a valid state license to operate a motor vehicle as well as the commensurate insurance required for the state in which their vehicle is registered and shall comply with the current FCMTC standing operating procedures. (Contractor is responsible to ensure all employees have current vehicle insurance.) All vehicle operators should be aware of bridge weight limitations (maximum of 22 tons on post, with some bridges having a 5-ton weight limit), road network conditions, and traffic ability. The forward operating bases (FOBs) are only accessible by gravel or dirt roads.

3. Shower facilities. The contractor shall be responsible for completion and assembly of the showers to meet the following specifications for their respective locations:

3.1. Shower capacity. Each shower facility at each FOB shall accommodate at least 1,000 personnel on a continuous 24-hour basis. The capacity of the showers shall allow the ratio of 1 shower head per 15 personnel. (Note: Contractor shall also place one shower trailer with a minimum of 12 shower stations and hand-washing stations at the cantonment area FOB.)

3.2. Shower lighting. Each shower facility shall have lighting to allow personnel to see adequately while showering, washing, and shaving during limited natural light hours. There shall be external lighting on the shower facility to allow for safe movement into and from the shower facility.

3.3. Shaving stations. Each shower facility shall shaving stations assembled. Whether internal or external, shaving stations must allow personnel to have hot water, a basin, and mirror.

3.4. Power generation. Each shower facility shall have a power generation source (generator). Each shower facility shall have hot and cold running water and proper lighting. Power generation is essential. The contractor must provide maintenance to the power generation as well as the shower facility internal operation and controls.

3.5. Power distribution. Each specified shower facility shall have electrical outlets. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to provide adequate electrical outlets.

3.6. Maintenance. The contractor shall be responsible for the 24-hour maintenance of the shower facility's plumbing, lighting, and power generation units.

3.7. Fuel: The government will provide standard, diesel fuel for the generators at each location at no cost to the contractor.

4. Hand-washing stations. The contractor shall provide all hand-washing stations for personnel. By direction, the hand-washing stations will be placed outside of all shower facilities and dining facilities. The placement of hand-washing stations must accommodate 1,000 personnel at each FOB.

4.1. Water. The contractor will deliver and refill the water in the hand-washing stations.

4.2. Maintenance. The contractor must provide 24-hour service and support to all power generation units. Only personnel authorized and certified by the contractor may perform maintenance on the equipment owned by the contractor.

4.3. DFAC. The contractor will place a minimum of ten hand-washing stations outside each DFAC located in the FOBs in addition to those placed near the shower facility and porta-potty areas.

4.4. Porta-potties. The contractor will place a minimum of one hand-washing station with two sinks for every six porta-potties located in the FOBs and one at each range, in addition to those placed with the shower facility and DFAC. (Note: Except for cantonment, each FOB will have approximately 36 porta-potties.)

5. Quality control. The contractor shall follow the quality standards as established by the government.

6. Government-furnished property (GFP) and services.

6.1. Replacement of GFP or equipment. There will be no GFP or equipment other than potable water, the equipment to dispose of grey water, and diesel fuel for use in contractor-owned generators.

6.2. Loss of or damage to GFP. Upon discovery of any loss or damage to GFP, equipment, or material, the contractor shall immediately notify the contracting officer's representative (COR) or contracting officer (KO) by verbal means. A written notification shall follow within two days. The contractor shall investigate and report in writing to the COR all cases of loss, damage, or destruction of GFP in its possession as soon as the facts become known, but not later than 15 days after discovery.

6.3. Liability. See Federal Acquisition Regulations clause 52.245-8, Liability for Facilities.

6.4. Completion of contract. Upon contract completion or termination of the contract, the government and the contractor at the written direction of the KO shall conduct a joint inventory. The contractor designated funds manager, COR, and quality assurance evaluator will be present at these inventories.

7. Services. The government will furnish: None.

8. Miscellaneous. Water buffalo refills. Contractor will be required to fill approximately ten 400-gallon, government-owned water buffaloes at the FOBs with potable water on an as needed basis daily. It is anticipated that this requirement will be twice per day

9. Contractor-furnished items and services. The contractor shall be responsible for the accountability and maintenance of all equipment necessary for the completion of the contract.

10. Contract administration data. The KO is the contract administrator. In no event shall any understanding or agreement, contract modification, change order, or other matter that deviates from the terms of this contract between the contractor and a person other than the KO be recognized as an effective contractual document.

11. Submission of invoices/special contract requirements.

11.1. Wages. Wages shall be paid in accordance with U.S. Department of Labor wage determination current at the time of the contract award.

11.2. Compliance with applicable federal, state, and local requirements. In performing work under this contract, the contractor shall comply with all relevant federal, state, and local statutes; ordinances; laws; and regulations.

11.3. Liability. The government shall not be held responsible for damages to property or for injuries or death to persons that might occur without fault on the part of the government as a result of or incident to performance of the contract.

11.4. Permits and responsibilities for work. The contractor shall without additional expense to the government obtain all licenses and permits required for the execution of the work. He shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property that occur as a result of his fault or negligence in connection with the execution of the work.

11.5. Rights of the government to perform functions with its own personnel. The government reserves the right to perform or supplement performance of contract functions with government personnel during periods of disaster, war, emergencies, police actions, or acts of God.

11.6. Supervision. The government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contractor's employees performing services under this contract. Such employees shall be accountable not to the government, but solely to the contractor who is responsible to the government.

11.7. Utilities. For the purposes of this contract, utilities, water, and electricity will be furnished at no cost to the contractor. The contractor will be required to participate in all energy conservation programs


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