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Winning the Current Fight

Conference Overview

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The conference is driven by a sense of urgency, the imperative to support the current fight, above all to support unit learning organizations, since their capacity to learn faster and more effectively than the enemy may well decide the outcome, as our doctrine instructs us.

The current operational environment features continuous rather than episodic change, with competitive advantage to those who sense, decide, learn and adapt faster. The environment favors high-performing learning organizations manned by life-long learners and networked for mission success across full-spectrum operations.

Knowledge management provides the art supported by science for building and supporting the kind of unit learning organizations that can learn and adapt in the current fight. KM also supports their linkage with the overall Army learning organization.

This linkage supports the units, who can reach back for both critical information / knowledge and for living expertise to help make sense of the flow of experience, solve problems and make and execute decisions.

It supports the generating forces as their response to this demand ensures the relevance of their efforts to build human capital, achieve readiness, and provide new or improved materiel.

There is no conference fee to attend. Uniform for military is ACU; all Civilians is business casual. For additional questions, call (913) 684-6376.

Overall Structure and the Plenum

The three core days of the conference (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) are divided into morning plenum sessions, early afternoon tracks, and late afternoon training sessions. The whole of those participating attend the daily plenum and then sub-divide into tracks and training sessions in the afternoon. On Friday morning track leads will back brief the results of their track sessions.

There will be morning Plenum Speakers and six afternoon tracks, Tuesday through Thursday, 20-22 October 2009.

The Plenum focus is on support to unit learning organizations, whether on those organizations themselves or on their reach to global resources using an integrated knowledge environment (IKE) comprised of sensors, telecommunications and web-based technologies.

Tracks build on presentations delivered to the conference as a whole (the plenum) each morning by distinguished knowledge leaders, with a Monday evening Icebreaker and Thursday evening Key Note presentation framing these foundational talks. Late afternoon training sessions provide concrete "know how" in applying operational knowledge management, whether in theater or for reach. The tracks are designed and facilitated for knowledge transfer and creation, and as a platform for action. Each consists of three parts spread over three days. On the first day, key participants brief their work in an act of knowledge sharing designed to create situational awareness as to new and emerging KM best practices. On the second day, all participants participate in a managed, facilitated conversation to create a shared and actionable level of understanding. The third day applies a rapid and collaborative planning method to get everyone literally on the same page in terms of next (post-conference) steps in the form of a one-page plan for brief-back, along with relevant best practices and potential obstacles, to the plenum on Friday morning. This last step is critical, since the entire point is rapid action to support our forces as they learn and adapt in the current fight.

Each afternoon closes with a choice of eleven different training sessions that teach attendees how to jump start their KM program and apply the best practices highlighted in the plenary session and tracks. These training sessions are taught by accomplished practitioners from across the Army, other services and industry.

Questions? Call (913) 684-6376 or email the Webmaster.
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