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Monday - Conference Overviews for Early Arrivals
October 27, 2008
  • 1400-1500, Mr. Steve Barth, Author and Consultant, “Smarter Documents” (the same topic will be presented for CAC-K at 0900 at Grant Auditorium, Fort Leavenworth) (Presentation)
  • 1500-1600, Dr. Rodler F. Morris (Rick), Program Manager, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC), “Knowledge Enabling Full-Spectrum Operations in a Joint and Interagency Framework” (Presentation)
  • 1600-1700, Mr. Stephen David Nichols (Dave), Chief Contract Support, Mission Support Division, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC), “AOKM Proponent Processes, Products and Services: Doctrine, Training, Leader Development, and Organization (Presentation)
October 27, 2008
October 28, 2008
  • Opening Session
    • Mr. Joseph Koskey, Director, Battle Command Knowledge System, “Welcoming Remarks”
    • Mr. Dale A. Ormond, Senior Executive Service, Deputy to the Command General, US Army Combined Arms Center, “Welcoming Remarks” (Video)
  • Video, General William Wallace, Commanding General, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, “Knowledge and Understanding as the Critical Determinants of Success in Army. Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Operations” (Video | Transcript)
  • Mr. Bradley J. Mason (Brad), FORSCOM G3-Advanced Concepts Division, Forces Command G3/5/7, “Warfighter Forums:  Knowledge Enabling Unit Training, Leader Development, and Operational Reach within Networked Learning Organizations”, supported by Mr. James E. Bradley (Jim), Interim Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and Mr. Gary Bishop, Logistics Management Supervisor, Army Materiel Command, G3/5 Concept Development and Future Capabilities Division (Video | Panel Video | Presentation)
  • Mr. Daniel K. Elder, III Corps BCKS Knowledge Management Advisor (Contractor: Team CSC), and Mr. David R. Shaw, 1st Cavalry Division BCKS Knowledge Management Advisor (Contractor: Team CSC) “Knowledge Management Advising and Integration for Large Organizations: The Role of the Operating Force Knowledge Network KMAs”. Comment and discussion by Colonel Gregory S. Johnson, Knowledge Management Officer / Heavy Brigade Combat Team Warfighter Forums Director, III Corps (Video | Shaw Presentation | Elder Presentation)
  • Mr. Richard McDermott, President, McDermott Consulting, “Communities of Practice Come of Age: Combining Insight and Experience” (Video | Presentation)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Hower, US Air Force Air University: Air Command and Staff College, “Air University Professional Forums -- Pathway to ‘Air Force 2.0’” (Video | Presentation)
  • Dr. Anna T. Cianciolo, President and Chief Behavioral Scientist, CP Research, Mr. Joe C. Pearson, NCO Net Chief Editor / Facilitator, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC) and Dr. Michael I. Prevou, Contract Lead, Knowledge Networks Division, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC / SKS), “’Experience without Danger’: Digital Storytelling for Developing Individual, Community and Team Expertise.” Commentary by Dr. Richard McDermott, President, McDermott Consulting and by representative, TBD, I Corps, Battle Command Training Center. (Video | Presentation)
October 29, 2008
  • LTC Scott A. Harris, Director, Infantry Brigade Combat Team Warfighters’ Forum, “Knowledge Management in Theater” (Video | Presentation | LTC Lim Presentation)
  • Mr. Todd Miller, KM Next Generation Project Lead, CECOM Life Cycle Management Command, Chief Technology Office, and Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications Tactical Chief Knowledge Office, (Contractor: Symbolic Systems, Inc), with Mr. Robert A. Dalton, Team Leader, Knowledge Enabler Network, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC), "Transforming Codification: Green Force Wiki as a ‘Weapon of Mass Collaboration’" (Video | Mr. Miller Presentation | Mr. Dalton Presentation)
  • Mr. Michael W. McCoy, Senior Military Analyst, Joint Operations Integration Branch, Center for Army Lessons Learned, “Learning from Action: Lessons Learned Integration as Joint, Interagency, Multinational, and Service Strategic Knowledge Transfer Capability” (Video | Presentation)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Dzincielewski, Information Systems and Knowledge Management, US European Command, "Using Teams of Leaders and Full-Spectrum Knowledge Management to Transform Military Assistance (Video | Presentation)
  • Commander Ray Drake, United States Joint Forces Command, “Enabling Civil / Government Teams of Leaders with Harmonie Web”. Introduction and facilitated discussion by Mr. Gerald L. King, Chief, Knowledge Services Division, BCKS (Video | Presentation)
  • Dr. Cheryl A. Bolstad, SA Technologies, "Developing Situational Awareness in Teams of Leaders" (Video | Presentation)
  • Dr. William S. Reeder, Chief of Leader Development, I Corps Battle Command Training Center (Contractor: SAIC), "Developing High Performance Teams of Leaders in a Brigade Combat Team" (Video | Presentation)
  • Ms. Jessica Lipnack, Chief Executive Officer, NetAge Inc, Dr. Jeff Stamps, PhD, Chief Scientist, NetAge Inc, and Dr. Michael I. Prevou, Contract Lead, Knowledge Networks Division, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC / SKS), “Developing Networked Teams of Leaders for the High-Performance Learning Organization” (Video | Presentation)
October 30, 2008
  • Mr. Randall E. Krug, National Guard Bureau, and Lieutenant Colonel Gregory A. Pickell, Chief, Training Technologies Branch, National Guard Bureau (NGB) J7 “Virtual Worlds for Army, Joint and Interagency Advanced Blended Learning Environments: US-Nexus Demonstration and Discussion.” Introduction and commentary by Dr. Rodler F. Morris (Rick), Program Manager, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC) (Video | Presentation)
  • Dr. Glenn Robertson, Deputy Director, Combat Studies Institute, “Virtual Staff Rides in Advanced Learning Environment: Today and Tomorrow.” Introduction and commentary by Mr. Robert A. Dalton, Knowledge Enabler Network Team Leader, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC) (Video)
  • Joint KM Best Practice Panel Discussion, Facilitators, Mr. Bradley J. Mason (Brad), FORSCOM G3-Advanced Concepts Division, Forces Command G3/5/7 and Mr. Joseph Oebbecke, Knowledge Management Strategist, BCKS (Contractor: Team CSC), “Sharing KM Best Practices, Best of Breed Knowledge Solutions, and Concepts that Could Benefit Other Units, Organizations, Services, Agencies or Combatant Commands”. (Video | Presentation)
  • Tutorials

October 31, 2008