Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the 4th Annual AOKM Conference

There is no conference fee to attend the conference.

The Wednesday evening meal IS part of the Conference and is considered a provided meal for individuals TDY to the Conference.

When filling out the registration form for the Hotel start at the top of the form and put in the dates of your stay 26 October 31 October before you put in the event code of BCKBCKA to advance your registration process.

The cost per room is at the new rate of $107 a night.

When registering for the conference you will get a screen telling you of your confirmation, then it will quickly return to a blank registration form.

There is a shuttle provided from the airport terminal to the hotel.

Rental Cars are available through the front desk of the hotel.

The internet fee for people staying at the hotel is waved.

There will be a welcome packet waiting for pre-registered attendees at the hotel check in desk.