MR Spotlight Author Guide

Consideration of Submitted Articles

Military Spotlight is a derivative publication of Military Review that, unlike Military Review, is published exclusively online in an expedited manner to support timely examination of emerging time sensitive issues. The purpose is to provide a venue for research, reportage, and discussion on a broad range of topics related to military affairs, especially with regard to what is widely termed the operational level of war. The intent of Military Praxis is to provide well-thought out products penned by knowledgeable writers on important issues in an expedited way to be read with ease and pleasure by both the community of military professionals as well as interested parties from the broad general audience.

All articles posted in MR Spotlight go through the same jury/peer review and approval process as those published in our print bi-monthly issues. However, the major differences between Military Review and Military Spotlight are as follows:

  • Articles are published online as quickly as approved. This circumvents the lengthy wait associated with publication in hard copy in Military Review that now can be as long as fourteen months. A banner for each product will be featured immediately on the Military Review webpage announcing publication of each article published online in Military Praxis.
  • Because the purpose is expedited publication, Military Review assumes greater risk for the veracity of the Military Spotlight content published by applying less scrutiny in the editing process to fact checking and, therefore, greater reliance on authors to ensure the accurate use of sources behind their assertions of fact as a condition of submission.
  • Since emphasis is on text content, during the layout process, there is greatly reduced use of photo imagery and artwork to support articles.
  • Articles published in Military Spotlight are archived online and are not published in hard copy. They are collected into an online archive in bi-monthly collections that parallel the time frames of Military Review publication and are labeled as a subheading of the bi-monthly collection under each applicable year of the online Military Review archive.

In every other respect, the same criteria for suitability of publication under the imprimatur of the Army Press and Military Review apply for all articles published by Military Spotlight. Pursuant to the above, all articles will be juried/peer reviewed according to the same criteria outlined in the Military Review’s Author Writing Guidelines. Once accepted for publication, the decision to publish in Military Spotlight as opposed to waiting for publication in Military Review will usually be left to the author.

However, since MR Spotlight serves as an outlet for many authors to be read much sooner than when waiting for print publication, it is highly encouraged for authors to specifically state in the email transmission of their article submission to Military Review that their preference is to be published in MR Spotlight as opposed to Military Review in order to expedite the review and editing process.