MR Spotlight Author Guide

Consideration of Submitted Articles

All articles posted in MR Spotlight will go through the same review and approval process, similar to those published in our print and online bi-monthly issues. This includes the writing style requirements, publication agreement, editor’s prerogative, and protocol. Please review the Author Writing Guidelines tab on our website to ensure your submissions fall within the scope of our guidelines and evaluation criteria.

MR Spotlight highlights articles on a bi-weekly basis. The intent is to increase the amount of information getting to our readers, as well as stimulate thought and feedback in a more consistent and timely manner. Military Review receives a great number of submissions each year; only a fraction of these articles will be approved. In addition, it could be up to six months from the time we approve an article to that article being published in a future issue of Military Review. Subject matter, relevancy, feedback, and timing all have an impact on when, or if an article is published.

MR Spotlight serves as an outlet for many authors to be recognized, potentially much sooner than our bi-monthly publication. It is highly encouraged for authors to send submissions specifically for MR Spotlight. We also receive numerous articles that although were not necessarily ideal for Military Review, would be excellent candidates for MR Spotlight. Those authors will also be invited by us to shift their piece to the bi-weekly feature. Please note that ideal submissions should not exceed 3000 words in length.

It is paramount for authors to know MR Spotlight should not be viewed as a step down or the “B team.” This is a great publishing opportunity for authors to be a part of our expanding online presence, and still take advantage of the respect and credibility that comes with Military Review. We look forward to contributions to MR Spotlight.

Authors should check with their academic institutions to ensure they will receive credit for products that are exclusively published online, rather than products that are published through print and online.