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July-August 2013

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The Future Army: Preparation and Readiness

General Robert W. Cone, U.S. Army

The future of the nation depends on an intelligently trained and disciplined Army.

Trafficking Terror through Tajikistan

Luke Falkenburg

The opiate trade through Tajikistan provides finances that help keep Islamist extremist organizations viable.

16 The CTC Program: Leading the March into the Future

Colonel Michael Barbee, U.S. Army

The Combat Training Centers will continue to be at the forefront of Army Readiness.

23 Turkey’s Role in Afghanistan and Afghan Stabilization

Karen Kaya

Turkey has a strong religious, historical, and cultural relationship with Afghanistan.

31 Sowing Dragon’s Teeth: OSS Operational Groups of World War II

Nathan C. Hill

The author presents a concise history of America’s strategic intelligence services.

38 Joint Operational Access and the Global Response Force: Redefining Readiness

Brigadier General Charles Flynn and Major Joshua Richardson, U.S. Army

The authors posits that we must invest in our joint forcible-entry capabilities such that when needed, they are equipped, trained, and ready to complete the mission.

45 The Engaged Leader Paradigm: The Community Health Promotion Council as the Key to Family and Soldier Readiness

E. Margaret Phillips

An Army wife and former family readiness group leader asserts that that the Army has outgrown the family readiness group system and calls for an engaged leader paradigm to take its place.

53 Design and Operational Art: A Practical Approach to Teaching the Army Design Methodology

Colonel Thomas Graves, U.S. Army and Bruce E. Stanley, Ph.D., U.S. Army, Retired

As the Army design doctrine has evolved, so has the design curriculum at the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS).

60 A More Flexible Army and a More Stable World

First Lieutenant George W. Runkle, U.S. Army

The author proposes a new Army for a new era.

71 Women: The Combat Multiplier of Asymmetric Warfare

Colonel Clark H. Summers, U.S. Army Reserve

In wars among the people, women are a necessary component of the total fight.

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Contemporary Readings for the Military Professional

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COL John J. Smith retired on 31 July 2013 after nearly 32 years on active duty in the Army, the last five as Editor-in-Chief of Military Review.