Combat Studies Institute (CSI)

About CSI

In accordance with Army Regulation 870-5 and TRADOC Regulation 870-1, the Combat Studies Institute provides a wide range of military historical and educational support to the Combined Arms Center, Training and Doctrine Command, and the United States Army. CSI researches, writes, and publishes (via the CSI Press) original interpretive works on issues of relevance to our Army and the defense of our Nation. The Institute conducts an Oral History program that targets Command and General Staff College students and faculty, as well as permanent party and visitors of the Combined Arms Center focusing on their operational experiences. Likewise, CSI conducts a Staff Ride program for the Army that offers live and virtual battlefield Staff Rides and serves as TRADOC's agent for information and assistance with how organizations can conduct their own Staff Rides. The Institute is charged with improving the quality of the instruction of military history throughout the TRADOC school system and does this by assisting the TRADOC Chief Historian with program inspections, assessing and revising training support packages, conducting "train-the-trainer" courses, and by serving as the TRADOC proponent for the Military History Instructors' Courses (MHIC). CSI also exercises oversight responsibilities for the Combined Arms Center Command History program and the Frontier Army Museum. CSI consists of five Teams: the Research and Publications Team, the Military History Instructional Support Team, the Staff Ride Team, the CAC Command History Office, and the Frontier Army Museum.


Component Teams

Research and Publications (R&P) Team

The Team researches, writes, and publishes historical products that are doctrinally and operationally relevant to the Army's needs. CSI Press' publications are available in a variety of formats and are available for public use and download at our website. The Team administers an oral history program called the Operational Leadership Experience which is a public archive of personal interviews concerning experiences in military operations around the world.


Military History Instructional Support Team

The Team assists the TRADOC Historian in implementing an integrated and progressive program of military history instruction throughout the Army. We conduct history curriculum development and instruction throughout the TRADOC school system. We conduct military history instructor courses to certify individual instructors IAW the TRADOC History Program and administer the Army's 5X ASI program.


Staff Ride Team

The Team develops and conducts live and virtual Staff Rides as an educational tool for Soldiers. Focusing on the timeless and universal aspects of war-fighting, Staff Rides provide important insights into military operations, leadership, and the face of battle through vignettes and topics for discussion. We also provide information and guidance to US Army units and DoD Agencies on how to conduct Staff Rides for the purpose of educating leaders.


CAC Command History Office

We research, chronicle, analyze, and publish the activities and accomplishments of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth. We provide the Commander and staff accurate historical research and analysis, maintain the command archive, prepare the annual command history, conduct the command Oral History program, maintain professional historical liaison, and support leader development, public information, and visitor services through historical education.


Frontier Army Museum

The Museum collects and preserves artifacts that tell the story of the Frontier Army from 1804 to 1916 and Fort Leavenworth from 1827 to the present. The collection is used to support exhibits and serves as a medium for research and study. The Museum supports the TRADOC PME school system, the Combined Arms Center, and Fort Leavenworth with educational tours, artifact displays and meeting venues. The Museum is open to the public and is available for both tours and outreach programs.


Last Reviewed: February 27, 2014

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