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Staff Ride Definition

The Staff Ride is a historical study of a campaign or battle that envisions a systematic preliminary study, an extensive visit to campaign sites, and an opportunity to integrate lessons derived from each. A significant component of this detailed study is the analysis of the terrain over which the action took place and the effect of that terrain upon the battle or campaign. It is this three dimensional visualization of the battlefield that separates a staff ride from a battle analysis.

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A virtual staff ride (VSR) follows the same methodology as a “live” or "field" staff ride, but because travel restrictions preclude a trip to battlefield sites, the terrain is replicated in a virtual environment. The CSI model of a virtual staff ride envisions a detailed replication of terrain based upon satellite imagery and the construction of three dimensional models to immerse the student in the virtual terrain, thus providing the most realistic vision of the battlefield possible. CSI currently has two virtual staff rides fully developed, one that covers primarily the march to Baghdad and selected operations up to 2005 and Operation ANACONDA in OEF in 2002. For more information on these staff rides, please contact the Staff Ride Team.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2014

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