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Newsletter 10-63
September 2010


The following collection of articles, reports, and interviews are focused on Army and Navy integration. The articles are categorized in the following functional areas: historical context, maneuver, fires, protection, and sustainment. The articles cover a range of issues relating to Army and Navy integration, such as lessons learned and best practices. These articles should not be considered as all-inclusive. In some instances, the information may be slightly dated, but many of the lessons learned, even from older operations, are still enduring. This newsletter is an effort to capture relevant articles published in recent professional journals and from the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) archives to show the level of integration between the two services and to provide a historical document for future reference.

In many instances, the ideas presented in these articles are personal opinions and in some cases not approved Army or Navy doctrine. The recommendations in these articles should always be validated with the latest approved Army and Navy doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

CALL acknowledges and thanks the professional journals and authors who permitted the reprinting of these articles and in some instances were personally involved in assisting CALL in the formatting process.

Minor modifications to format were made to support the CALL newsletter format. In some instances, pictures that were not referenced in the narrative were omitted. Every effort has been made to provide appropriate credit to the authors and the professional journal.


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