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Handbook 10-39
April 2010

Chapter 7

Loss of Funds Process

If a loss of funds occurs, the paying agent must perform the following steps:

  • Cease all paying activities.
  • Count all funds and review documents to confirm a loss has occurred.
  • Notify the disbursing officer immediately after confirming any discrepancies.
  • Notify the chain of command.
  • Take actions according to the disbursing officer's standing operating procedures.
  • Write a memorandum for record documenting actions taken.

An Army Regulation 15-6, Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers, investigation is required for loss of funds. The investigation will be initiated by the disbursing officer.

Pecuniary liability:

  • As defined by the Department of Defense, pecuniary liability is "a personal, joint, or corporate monetary obligation to make good any lost, damaged, or destroyed property resulting from fault or neglect. It may also result under conditions stipulated in a contract or bond."
  • In other words, if a paying agent loses the government's money and it is discovered that the loss occurred because of either the paying agent's own fault or neglect, the paying agent will owe the government whatever money was lost.

Helpful hint: Paying agents may be held 100 percent pecuniary liable for a confirmed loss of funds.


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